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Chalkboard Education Wins Seedstars Accra 2016 Competition

Today was an interesting. I was present at the 3rd edition of Seedstars Accra which happened on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

Seedstars is an organization which helps promote, connect and invest in emerging market startups through its exclusive startup competition. 821 more words


Seedstars Accra Ready To Hear Startup Pitches On 21st August

Seedstars is a Switzerland based startup competition that takes place in emerging markets. They try to help reduce unemployment in those emerging markets through the promotion and investment in entreneurship. 324 more words


Connecting the Chicken and the Egg

How Low Can High-Tech Go?

They forced me to move again, as they always do. They just told me to take my computer and connect it in some corner in another room. 481 more words

There's No Excuse For Not Securing Your Data In Today's World

It seems there is a silent cyberwar going in and most people are not really concerned about it. If it’s not companies being hacked, it’s some other thing like malware, ransonware and getting your data stolen. 663 more words


What Did I Miss: Uber Ghana Uses Local Taxis Now?

Sometimes I miss news in tech because I’m busy with a project. Apparently I missed something significant in the previous weeks: Uber Ghana now has local taxis on it’s services. 296 more words


Massive Windows 10 Update Starts Causing Problems

by Gordon Kelly

I’m a big fan of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. It is the biggest upgrade of Windows 10 since it launched one year ago and brings some… 260 more words

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BYOD 智能解决方案

思科 BYOD 智能解决方案简介

BYOD是什么?思科 BYOD 智能解决方案是一套全面的方法,能够有效地管理和控制BYOD自带设备的网络访问,提高自带设备用户的使用体验和工作效率。这套完整的BYOD解决方案基于经思科验证的设计和专业服务,能够为您提供从规划到设计直至日常运营的全面指导。它提供了接入点、控制器、安全、网络管理等所有必需的基础设施和基础架构,可帮助创建安全、高性能、支持更多设备访问的网络。

为什么 BYOD 智能解决方案十分重要?

思科 BYOD 智能解决方案所能做到的不仅仅是将个人电脑或移动设备添加到您的网络, 它还能通过端到端网络生命周期管理简化 IT 运营;为员工提供“自由驰骋”体验;并通过统一策略和智能控制保护访问安全。



思科网络可以提供更强大的“自由驰骋”移动体验, 而且具有最高级别的安全性及经过简化的管理功能。思科能够在您的整个组织中提供适合有线和 WiFi 连接的单一策略点,并且采用单一工作流按用户而非环境来识别问题。 20 more words