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Världen vi lever i behöver mer än ett plåster

Jag har sett en dokumentärfilm som heter The Mask You Live In, som handlar om den amerikanska (också till stor del västerländska) mansrollen, en roll som pojkar formas in i från en mycket tidig ålder. 1,737 more words

Life As I Experience It

Blessings from the most unlikely person

You guys know Stephanie, right? No, not me-her. She joined our village a year ago. I’ll never forget her first day. Our palliative/hospice organization notified us they had found us a volunteer. 445 more words

The Village

Village people 

Have you ever heard the saying “it takes a village?”

Of course you have. Every scary mom article on Facebook mentions mom dating and making mom friends and the so called village. 478 more words

Building a Village

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about that phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Anyone who has children, taught children, or even been around them for any length of time, can probably appreciate the feeling behind it.  698 more words

Permission to Think with James Cloughley

Friday, July 15th, 1:30pm EDT ~ Welcome to Tell Me a Story, today we welcome back author, Jim Cloughley. His book, A Man’s Work is Never Done, a Novel About Mentoring our Sons… 110 more words

#1 Best Selling Author Annette Rochelle Aben

We Raised our Kids in Church (10 Things I'm Glad we did for our Kids, Part IV)

When our first baby was three months old, we moved around the corner from our church. That big stone building with its bell tower crowning the hilltop has been our rock, our main institution. 564 more words


CHORE is just a four-letter word.

**I would like to start this post by giving a disclaimer – I may be an expert in many things but I am NOT nor should anyone claim to be an expert at parenting. 873 more words

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