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Teaching Kids Kindness in the Face of Fear

For the first time in forever, I was able to savor a quiet, un-busy weekend at home, so I curled up with a blanket and a cup of tea on Saturday morning to catch up on my long-neglected newsfeed. 1,250 more words


Cradled By The Caretaker

The door is always open. I cannot actually recall a time where I’ve seen it shut. Spending my days with Fatou and her family, I’ve learned she has 13 kids of her own, and then everyone else. 313 more words

Power Up Gambia

So, "it takes a village," eh?

I’m not quite sure why this phrase floated to the top of my mind as I contemplated yesterday’s terrorism in Paris, but what I intuited from it was that the people who talk about this “global village” and “inclusive society with a place for everyone” have no idea what a real village is like. 573 more words


Team Linley - It takes a village

I saw my therapist and my general practitioner this week.  I LOVE them both and it made me realize that I have a GREAT team behind me.  162 more words


Silos, Villages & VillageQ Feature

Working in a large university, I hear the words “silo” and “siloed” on a daily basis in reference to the various faculties and departments and how we’re all part of this big system, but are very isolated in our own offices/happenings. 471 more words


To My Son's Soccer Coach

To My Son’s Soccer Coach:

Last weekend, after the final game of the season, you posed with my son and his seven teammates in front of the goal for some team pictures. 1,310 more words