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Mistaken "Mom"-dentity: Tips for the Stepmom who is Mistaken for Mom

Chris and I got married a little over a year after his divorce was finalized; we probably should have waited a little longer, because I’m not sure he was entirely over it yet.  692 more words

Being A Stepmom

Add some blanks!

There is a problem in our society with limited, bilateral thinking.  People assume that children have a mom, a dad, and…nope, that’s it.  There is no room for another kind of family. 801 more words

Being A Stepmom

My message to those who struggle after miscarriage

I keep thinking that I shouldn’t write about miscarriage and loss anymore because I have my rainbow baby now…because it was a few years ago…because someone might think I am being an attention seeker. 2,005 more words


Change is Nature's Way of Saying STOP SCREWING THIS UP

As a writer, I think this is beautiful. As a mother, I am horrified. HORRIFIED. And disgusted. You have a fucking village, you savages! I’ve got a village of 5 people and 4 of them work full time but we still manage to take care of my kid. 50 more words


It Takes A Village...

One of the things I was hesitant before about sharing about my eating disorder was how people would respond. Not surprisingly, everyone has been so supportive. 627 more words

Weight Loss


Being a parent is about more than giving life to a child, so much more. Saying that being a parent is one of the most important jobs is taking it lightly, everything you say and do to that child can change the rest of its life for good or bad. 211 more words

Serious yardage

Lightening up a very serious presidential campaign.

It Takes A Village