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Mama Shaker: Janice of Healthy Pregnancy Made Simple

With the swarm of warnings about what not to eat while you’re pregnant, Janice wants to help conscientious mamas-to-be figure out what to say yes to. 751 more words

Mamas Making Moments


I have a village of women who I owe the world. You all have cried with me, laughed with me, and shaped me to be the woman I am today. 1,877 more words

How Iceland Kicked Teen Drinking

Photo: Melanie Stetson Freeman/Christian Science Monitor
Iceland has cut teen alcohol and drug use with fun after-school activities and a 10 pm curfew (age 18 and under).
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The color line divides us still

I had a meeting last week with my sons’ 4th-grade teachers, the school principal, and the guidance counselor. The conversation has been a long time in coming, and ultimately I needed to say some things that I now realize make me horribly uncomfortable. 952 more words


It Takes a Village

While talking to a group of working moms this week I realized that my life is not as abnormal as I thought it was. The giggles, the moments where your heart skips a beat coupled with the frustration, the tears, the feelings of despair…..  434 more words

A Moment Of Transparency

'It Takes A Village to Raise A Child'

There’s a saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, however how does this fit into life nowadays, particularly if, like me, you don’t live close to your family? 1,830 more words


My Brother's Keeper

The other day I was waiting for the elevator in a hospital when a woman walked up and stood next to me. She had no coat on, so I assumed she was either a hospital employee or volunteer. 501 more words