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Katha Pollitt’s review of It Takes A Village

Katha Pollitt is now a big fan of Hillary Clinton, but she wasn’t always one, as this review of her dreadful book It Takes A Village  1,168 more words

How Do Working Moms Do it?... Hats Off!

I am proud to be a semi Stay-at-Home-Mom (SAHM). I get to be a mommy and a substitute teacher (which I only consider working because it bring in a small paycheck… especially since I only sub at my kids’ school, so I still see them throughout the day and my hours are the exact same as theirs are). 345 more words

Sometimes, It Does Take a Village

“The whole world is asleep
You can look at it and weep
Few things you find are worthwhile
And though I don’t ask for much… 1,363 more words

Family And Friends

It takes a village

“It takes a village to raise a child” is an African dictum. The expression underlines the belief that children need to be raised in community, that it takes more than two or even four hands to mold and shape a child into a productive citizen and a self- actualizing human being. 581 more words

Preaching Voice

I'm Married!!!

(Dislaimer: I wrote this months ago but never published it. Whoops!)

Well. THAT happened! We did it. We showed up. We said our I Dos. 1,288 more words


It Takes a Village

Last summer one of my Dale friends looked at me quizzically and asked, “what happens to us if Dion’s health worsens and you need to take care of him?” I thought about it for a moment, not wanting to skirt the question, deny my role or belittle the obvious concern felt, finally responding with “we’ll deal with that if and when the time ever comes. 470 more words

What We Need

Everyone needs help.  There isn’t one of us alive who – at some time in our lives – won’t rely on help from others.

Clearly, we need help in our youth.   987 more words