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How Much Do We Need Community?

What do a recent rap song, Johnny Cash, the movie Fight Club, and the Bible have in common?  A post on society and the ones we love. 25 more words


the beauty of the village.

I officially went back to work full time today. As I type this, I’m 7 hours into my 11 hour shift and, so far, feeling pretty good about my stats. 650 more words


Communal Parenting 

I touched upon this in my last blog but I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently.

Communal parenting. What is it? What does it mean? 569 more words

I'm In It For The Children

“I am often asked what I would like to see happen above all else in our country and in our world.

So many things to pray for, so many things to work for, 212 more words

It's About The Kids

How a Student Dictionary Almost Prompted the Sex Talk with an Eight-Year-Old

My relationship with Max up until the custody change had been a series of snapshots.  One weekend he was crawling; two weekends later he was standing; the next time I saw him he had taken his first steps. 564 more words

Being A Stepmom

O.P. Recommends: 'Capitalism’s Crisis of Care' - Sarah Leonard interviews Nancy Fraser for Dissent Magazine

‘Capitalism’s Crisis of Care‘ is a discussion between Sarah Leonard of Dissent magazine and critical theorist and feminist Nancy Fraser, which focuses on Fraser’s concept of today’s ‘crisis of care’, which, as she explains, is a product of capitalism. 490 more words

The One & The Many

Who will protect the children?

Rightfully so you would think parents are there to protect their children, but I’m not so sure about that anymore. Don’t get me wrong there are many good parents out their BUT being a good parent should not just end with our own children. 277 more words