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Sudden Custody

In the middle of this past summer, my husband suddenly found himself with full custody of my stepson, which turned into PERMANENT full custody just over a week ago. 217 more words


Crisis: The Latest Poop

How do you write an interesting post—one anyone would want to read—about sitting in a hospital room waiting for your mother to poop?

We’ve been here since the wee hours of Saturday morning when an ambulance delivered her. 882 more words

Caring For A Parent

Parenting with Depression: No Easy Days

Note: I would like to start this post by stating that I know that depression is different for everyone. If it seems like in generalizing at all in this post, just know that I’m only speaking from my own experiences. 862 more words


30 purrscenther

I only home just to sleep. Lately I have been spending all of the time that im not at work, sleep or at my friends house. 166 more words


The importance of community

The last few weeks have been a little difficult for me mentally and emotionally.

I ran a GREAT 20-miler two weeks ago Saturday and since then, it’s like my mojo has been misplaced. 941 more words

It takes a village to raise the child (in turn giving said child a small army of really awesome non-biological brothers)

When I was little my family gained membership to a Country Club in our county. My parents wanted to socialize us with more than just family I guess. 402 more words

Cabins, Coffee & Great Conversation

Twice last month, our family loaded the car with toys and snacks, suitcases and hopes of relaxation. We ventured to the ocean and the mountains on quests for good times with friends and family, but deep down I also hoped for lasting memories and significant conversations. 268 more words