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Trevor Noah Served Tomi Lahren and it wasn't even close

Tomi Lahren is typical of alot of White People in America when it comes to race relations

and also White Privledge. denial,denial and more denial.  never want to acknowledge… 172 more words


Audit of Arizona Department of Revenue Shows IT Vulnerabilities

A state audit conducted on the department revealed vulnerabilities when it came to the IT system in place. Thousands of taxpayer information, from birth dates to social security numbers, are housed at the department.

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Securing our Assets

I’ve about reached the point in believing that we have no chance in securing our personal information technology assets (home network, computer, mobile phone, tablet) etc. 260 more words


On the Red Carpet

Waves hello….am back with more from the Frozen Fair as I walk down the red carpet showing off dresses & hair that will be featured there ~ remember most are exclusives that I show and you will only find them… 524 more words

Privacy over, go home, they're still looking

“It can, we believe, be used to profile the social relationships and the sexual and political activities of every U.K. citizen”



Maybe while they’re here, they can steal some good policies?

Office Humor - Technology Support Model

A friend and I were talking at work about how we need to have one model for support for tools and stuff.  That got me thinking about how generic support has become.   236 more words