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Push for Electronic Payments

I went in Chick-fil-A today while traveling and noticed they accept Apple Pay. Walgreens, McDonald’s, and Panera Bread are sites I visit regularly and now they accept Apple Pay. 92 more words


Applying for jobs after a couple of years

You’ve graduated, you’ve completed a grad scheme or been working at a company for a couple of years and now you feel like it’s time to move on. 369 more words

Be You Series

I don’t know about you but a lot of my life I’ve felt like I’ve been chasing others dreams. For example, I was running track trying to be the next Michael Johnson. 154 more words


Segway: The First Ad(venture)


I was partnered with both Vicky and Jacob.

Some of the immediate suggestions for my site were poor readability of my text because of lack of contrast and that my images weren’t positioned very well. 258 more words


Configuring Debian to Patch Itself

After a couple of years in the IT infrastructure world, you’ll be faced with the greatest task of all, updating servers every month or so. This has always been the most brain dead task imaginable, but now with virtualization, we also have 10 times more servers to update. 1,243 more words


Upper to lowercase...in filenames...

Yes, I just don’t like external gadgets and very expensive drone cameras to save files as DJI_0717.MP4 … .mp4 is much easier on the eyes. 8 more words


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and its own suffer

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and its own hurry… 46 more words