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waiting for the thread to dry...

…is kind of like watching paint dry. Having finished off some orders in this heat I am able to get back to the vat today.  Dyeing a bit of this and that as needed.   460 more words


weaving across colors and then some

Some things take a long time to figure out.  I wondered about this quite some time ago while participating in one of Jude’s classes.  Then I set it aside. 25 more words


blue days

In early June, I wrote of my delight in finding Memory on Cloth: Shibori Now, Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada’s marvellous exploration of shibori, or shaped-resist dyeing. 933 more words

Shibori Furoshiki (Dyed Cloth Wrapping Paper)

Here are some of Heather’s recent shibori designs. Here they are used as Eco-friendly wrapping paper – a Japanese tradition known as Furoshiki. This is a nice way to present a gift – the wrapping paper is also part of the present. 29 more words

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Winter regnum - a time for crafting

Christmas is over and we are in the strange inbetween time when not a lot happens until after New Year’s Day. I like one suggestion I heard on the radio for a name for this period: the winter regnum. 755 more words


like practicing the piano

Sometimes it’s play – no particular intent, just a quick response to the cloth – in shibori and dyed in the vat.

They were created for an event and were an… 154 more words


Adventures in Shibori Dyeing

I’ve had this on my “To Do” list for years: literally Finally, after some reading, some dyeing experience and creating some suitable space for the project, I accumulated a few supplies and got started. 453 more words

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