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Continuing on the itajime shibori road

Those scarves came to me with no colour.  Just pure white silk.  I used them to test acid dyes for a baby wrap, the results of which you can still see – the blue, yellow, purple, and magenta are from that era. 60 more words


distilling essences


Pom and Walnut.

Dyeing in the light of the Super Moon.

And Indigo, of course.

I gave them a Moon Bath.  For the shop soon. 145 more words


waiting for the thread to dry...

…is kind of like watching paint dry. Having finished off some orders in this heat I am able to get back to the vat today.  Dyeing a bit of this and that as needed.   460 more words


weaving across colors and then some

Some things take a long time to figure out.  I wondered about this quite some time ago while participating in one of Jude’s classes.  Then I set it aside. 25 more words


blue days

In early June, I wrote of my delight in finding Memory on Cloth: Shibori Now, Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada’s marvellous exploration of shibori, or shaped-resist dyeing. 933 more words

Shibori Furoshiki (Dyed Cloth Wrapping Paper)

Here are some of Heather’s recent shibori designs. Here they are used as Eco-friendly wrapping paper – a Japanese tradition known as Furoshiki. This is a nice way to present a gift – the wrapping paper is also part of the present. 29 more words

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