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21/10/1915 Third Isonzo: no breakthrough for Italy

Along the Isonzo line the Italians have been shelling the Austro-Hungarians for the last three days. Italian aeroplanes have also hit targets behind the enemy lines. 170 more words

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Italy discovers that all of its drones are unarmed

After much talk on what to do with Libya and the Sicily Channel, the Italian Air Force made known that, if it will be ordered to bomb the Libyan ports, it will have to use airplanes since all of its UAVs are unarmed.  123 more words

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Panic at Prestwick as Typhoons scramble to intercept Transport

Typhoons were scrambled from RAF Lossiemouth as air traffic controllers lost contact with an Italian C27 Spartan transport plane flying from Iceland to Milan. Once the plane was found by the fighters, it was escorted to Prestwick airport in Glasgow where up to twenty cars full of armed police were waiting. 135 more words


Italians keep Russians off Convoy's Back

Italian Eurofighters intercepted Russian fighters and bombers flying within 12 miles of an American military convoy heading from Poland to Lithuania on Tuesday. The Americans had been parked at a Lithuanian Supermarket, showing off their hardware to interested locals, including one woman delighted by an M249, when the Italians were scrambled to intercept a posse of Tu-22 Backfires escorted by Su-27 Flankers. 170 more words


Customer Success News: Italian Air Force

This post announces a new customer success story, detailing the use of ORACLE technology at the Italian Air Force.

The Air Force is one of Italy’s four Armed Forces. 308 more words

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First encounter between Italian and Russian air force since Ukraine crisis

Two Eurofighter 2000 Typhoon fighters of the Italian Air Force based in Siauliai, Lithuania, were scrambled on Friday to shadow an unidentified Russian plane which had violated the Lithuanian airspace. 31 more words

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