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How to fall in love with Verona in one easy step

If the universe had commissioned Walt Disney to create Italy, what he would have crafted, in my opinion, would have looked like today’s Verona. Verona is that exquisite, and magical. 868 more words


Cute church on Ischia

In spring this year we spent a couple of days on gorgeous Ischia, one of the islands in the spectacular Bay of Naples. Our lovely friends Stephanie and Paul took us on a tour of the island on a rickety bus which hurtled around the narrow road at breakneck speed. 145 more words


Some great special order pieces to share

Last week I had three special orders come in for big pieces.  I love working with the bigger images.  They are all Italian photos; one from Venice, one from Verona and one from Padua.   329 more words


【米蘭景點】古典購物走廊 – 艾曼紐二世迴廊 Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

這個知名的購物迴廊是米蘭的地標,就坐落在米蘭大敎堂旁邊。由最初大部份米蘭人反對興建(因為破壞了原來富歷史性的建築),到後來漸漸地被人接受,最後更被稱為 “il Salotto di Milano”, 意思是米蘭的客廳,因為已經成為米蘭人約會的滙合點。

這個富歷史性的拱廊有150多年的歷史,天花以拱型設計及玻璃和鑄鐵所建造,是19世紀最流行的設計,原來的設計意念是以有蓋的走廊連接著米蘭大教堂及La Scala歌劇院。 113 more words