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16/3/1916 The Fifth Battle of the Isonzo begins to peter out

Italian troops are attacking along the Isonzo line, hoping to take Gorizia and do something to relieve the pressure on the French at Verdun. But the Austro-Hungarian lines are holding. 131 more words

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The Italian Artillery in Ethiopia

(From notes compiled in the January-February edition of the US Army Artillery Journal on the use of Artillery in Ethiopia).

As time goes on the magnitude of the Italian effort in Ethiopia becomes more apparent. 3,367 more words

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11/3/1916 Italy attacks along the Isonzo

The German offensive at Verdun has put the French under considerable pressure. To relieve it, Joffre is looking for his Italian and Russian allies to launch diversionary offensives on their fronts. 110 more words


Italian Field Artillery in the Ethiopian Campaign

(From a study prepared in the Military Intelligence Division, War Department General Staff; July-August 1937, US Army)


Northern Front (Eritrea).

Extending southward over 400 miles from the Mareb River, which marked, in part, the boundary between the Italian colony of Eritrea, and the then independent state of Ethiopia, to include the latter’s capital. 3,920 more words

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3/12/1915 Another Italian failure: fourth Isonzo battle grinds to a halt

The Italians have been attacking along the Isonzo line, their fourth major attempt to break through the Austro-Hungarian defences. This time the modest target is the border town of Gorizia. 142 more words

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1/12/1915 Uninvited guests in Albania

Albania is a small Balkan nation that has only recently become independent. The country is in a disordered state with no effective central government. Following the invasion of their own country, the Serbian army is retreating through the mountains of northern Albania, hoping to reach the coast and rescue by the Allied navies. 237 more words

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26/11/1915 4th Isonzo: still no Italian breakthrough

The Fourth Battle of the Isonzo is running down, but the Italians are still pressing the Austro-Hungarians defending Tolmein and Mount Mrzli. At great cost the Italians have managed to get close to the enemy front line, in some places as close as 8 metres. 53 more words

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