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On the Workbench - Ground Crews

As aircraft fly in to the NQM boxes, they need ground crew to keep them in the air. My last purchase of Skytrex Italians left me with a fair number of spare figures, even after building a couple of infantry divisions. 99 more words

15mm Miniatures Wargames

29/8/1915 No breakthrough for Italy along the Upper Isonzo

Since the end of the Second Battle of the Isonzo, the Italians have contented themselves with local assaults along the upper reaches of the Isonzo line. 129 more words

First World War

Back from Gorizia

This post is the perfect “pendant” of the “Towards Gorizia” post published a long time ago. Indeed, the caption on the picture indicates that these italian soldiers are just back from “Italian Gorizia”, on August 25, 1916, exactly 99 years ago. 10 more words


In memoriam of Umberto Ciminaghi

This plaque gaves already some hints about the biography of this officer, who was a captain of the 5th Reggimento Alpini but was with the 139th… 33 more words


School Class Photo

Doesn’t this picture remind you some school class photograph? It’d indeed a kind of school, because these allied officers (British, Italian and a French one) were participating in some training in Italy during the Great War…


Niccolò Baccerini

Niccolò Baccerini was 26 years old when he was killed on the Carso on October 22, 1915. There is no reference to his rank (I suppose he was private) nor to his regiment, which is more unusual.


Photographs on ceramic tiles

All these plaques I am showing these days come from the Cimitero Monumentale of Milan.

They often represent the only documentation we have about these soldiers, as it’s rather hard to retrieve information about them. 54 more words