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23/6/1915 Italy attacks along the Isonzo

Since Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary, Italian soldiers have carried out a number of local offensives against the enemy, with varying results. But now General Cadorna, the Italian chief of staff, is ready to launch his great offensive against the enemy. 143 more words

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17/6/1915 Austria-Hungary recovers lost territory from Italy

Yesterday the Italians scored some local successes in their attacks on the Austro-Hungarians. Mount Krn fell to the elite Alpini in a boldly executed surprise attack. 83 more words

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16/6/1915 The Italians stage more attacks along the Isonzo

The Italians are continuing their local offensives along the Isonzo front. The Alpini, elite mountain troops, launch a daring attack on Mount Krn, near Caporetto (a town also known as Karfeit and Kobarid; many places in this area have Italian, German and Slavic names). 120 more words


2/6/1915 Italy's uphill struggle against the Austro-Hungarians

Along the Isonzo river Italian forces are mostly sitting tight, waiting for General Cadorna’s great offensive, not expected to begin until later in the month. But in one area the Italians are having a crack at the Austro-Hungarians. 106 more words

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28/5/1915 Austria-Hungary prepares for the Italian onslaught

The Italians have finally crosses the Austro-Hungarian frontier in strength. However, they do not advance very far, fearing to attack the enemy until their own forces are fully mobilised (which is not expected to be the case for some time). 172 more words

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Photo: Unknown Italian Army Unit Circa Early 1940s

By G. Jack Urso

In the upper right-hand corner of the photo above, standing alone and circled in red, is my grandfather Sebastiano Mario Sartorio who served in the Italian army during the Spanish Civil War and in North Africa, where he was captured by the allies in 1943 and sat out the rest of the war in a P.O.W. 175 more words

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24/5/1915 Italy's war with Austria-Hungary begins

Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary yesterday with the war officially beginning at midnight. If the more bellicose members of the Italian public were expecting a rapid march to victory they are soon mistaken. 212 more words