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Portillo's Chocolate Cake For EVERYONE!


Believe me, those 25 will fly by. So, better get to that list…and fast.

If there are people in your life who are impossible to shop for (we all know at least one), don’t worry.  78 more words


I ate an Italian Beef Sandwich a few months ago I'm almost certain of that.

I read on a website that a successful blog post includes a featured image, so I am featuring an image in my first post. The picture I chose for my inaugural blog post is of an Italian Beef Sandwich that I began preparing, according to what my Iphone says, July 15th of 2016, and I would imagine I finished making and consuming that sandwich on the same day.   476 more words

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How to find Best Beef Restaurants in Chicago

Chicago is very popular for its beef food and it is very common to find beef restaurants in Chicago area. However, because of large numbers of restaurants it may become very difficult for you to choose best beef and steak restaurants in Chicago. 320 more words

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Free Italian Beefs IF The Cubs Win The World Series

Personally, the Cubs winning the World Series against the Cleveland Indians seems like enough of a reward. If that isn’t enough, free Italian beefs are also on the line. 69 more words


Paragon Family Restaurant 118 S. Girls School Road

This is a big restaurant with a big menu. It is very similar to other joints around Indy. Breakfast served all day, big portions, home-made soups and a bunch of pies and cakes. 297 more words


An Italian Beef by Any Other Name

This is my favorite sandwich in the world. The iconic Chicago sandwich, the Italian Beef Sammy. You know what makes it an Italian beef sandwich and not just a French dip or a roast beef sandwich? 431 more words

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WB Pizza 6155 Allisonville Rd.

People toss around the phrase “hidden jewel” probably too often. This little place may well be just that. The make all of their own crust and bread as well as cheesecakes and gelato. 341 more words