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Dining Review: Tutto Italia Ristorante

The World Showcase at Epcot features dining options in almost every country. Having frequented the French restaurant, Les Chefs de France, many times, I decided to branch out and try a new country during my recent trip. 590 more words

Dining At Disney

Piatto- Top kids friendly restaurant in Riyadh KSA

Being a mother, the first thing I notice whenever I go for dining out, is whether the ambiance is okay for my kids to stay for a couple of hours and if the staff is accommodating?  482 more words


Tuscan Bread

The first time we had Tuscan bread we were a bit surprised to find it had absolutely no salt. Many visitors to Italy encounter the same issue when a basket of beautiful, inviting bread is placed on their tables. 394 more words

Nephew visit

During Briana’s trip to Finland, my nephew Justin came to visit me in Florence. It timing worked out kind of funny. Briana’s trip had been planned months prior and Justin purchased his tickets about 3 weeks before visiting. 866 more words

Sister’s visit

The Monday after my mom’s visit, Javier and I decided to resume our Italian lessons.  My sisters and my Finnish friend Kristiina would be arriving for their visit in 2 short weeks, which gave us the perfect amount of time to rededicate ourselves to our lessons.  683 more words

Eating in Italy

Although some of you may be accustomed to ordering meals in Italy, I’m going to share some tips for those of you who are dining in Italia for the first time. 604 more words