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Quick Lazy Day Lasagna

Any recipe that involves the words “quick” and “lazy” have a high potential for being tried in my house. But looking at this recipe, it seems pretty standard for an Italian pasta dish I made recently with large penne noodles. 110 more words


Italian Steak Pie

We recently saw a recipe I called Hamburger Pie because it reminded me of a recipe in my mother’s cookbook. Today we will look at another type of hamburger pie with an Italian slant. 111 more words

Minimal Instructions

3-Ingredient Vegan Gnocchi

This healthy, vegan and nutrient packed dinner takes little time and is super delicious!


2 Large Sweet Potatoes, baked

1-2 Cups of Flour, you can mix almond flour and white for added nutritional value + flour for rolling the dough… 287 more words


Shells - Cheese Filled - F Kotch

Now this is a little more like it. Cheese filled shells can be so delicious and not boring at all! I’d imagine you want the shells to be parboiled, not completely soft so as to fill them without tearing them. 111 more words


Tuscany Chicken

I’d just come home from the market, and started putting away the groceries. As I was thinking about what I’d be making for dinner, I saw a few things I’d not yet put into the fridge: a package of chicken breasts, fresh asparagus, a box of little tomatoes, and a can of artichokes. 956 more words



This is a super easy and no-brainer dinner.

All you need:

2 eggs whipped together
A handful of long spaghetti
A couple of sun-dried tomatoes… 103 more words


Tofu and Spinach Stuffed Shells

If you’re familiar with the Italian culture, it’s rare the Italian family who does not get together on Sunday for “Sunday Dinner.”  Yeah, I capitalized that because it’s almost a holiday for them.   695 more words