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Nana Carrie's Famous Spaghetti Sauce

The night I served this sauce, one of my guests walked through my door and said, “It smells like an Italian restaurant in here!” When you have a pot of this meaty, succulent sauce simmering on your stove, you’re house can’t help but smell delicious. 467 more words


Italy: Spaghetti Bolognese

I grew up eating spaghetti bolognese.

Well, I grew up eating England’s bastardized version of the dish, lovingly dubbed “Spag Bol,” that has become somewhat of a staple for rainy days and after school tea. 736 more words


Valentine's Dinner Part II

Here are the recipes we used to make our scrumptious Italian dinner for Valentine’s Day. I recommend them all highly!

Charcuterie Plate

This was the easiest part of our meal. 1,053 more words


Mangiare La Pasta!

My mother always said “Eat your pasta”!

Join the familia with a pasta tasting dinner of homemade macaroni and sauces to interest any pallet!

Our menu included: 36 more words


Valentine's Dinner

In 2012, Nick and I started a tradition of dining in on Valentine’s Day. We had dined out for a few years for the holiday and found lackluster food, inflated prices, sluggish service, and the feeling that we were being rushed through our meal, so we decided to stay home and  make a special meal. 286 more words


Winter Minestrone

This delicious, hearty soup is guaranteed to warm up your weekend! Often, I find minestrone watery and bland. Not this one. You’ve got all the wonderful veggies,the earthy rosemary and the Parmesan rind that adds an extra salty kick.  271 more words


Dad's Bolognese

Pasta and bolognese 

Happy Christmas Eve Eve everyone. I wanted to quickly share this delicious recipe for pasta and bolognese. My father made it last week and I love the nutmeg flavor. 294 more words