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28/12/1915 Durazzo: an Austrian naval raid goes awry

The Serbian army has retreated into Albania to escape destruction at the hands of the German, Bulgarian and Austro-Hungarian invaders of their country. Many of the Serbian soldiers and the civilians fleeing with them have died crossing the Albanian mountains, mostly from exposure and the effects of hunger but some at the hands of Albanian raiders; many Albanians are less than pleased at the Serbs bringing the war into their country. 168 more words

First World War

Out and about

So what do we do every day here in Roma? Surely every day cannot be like a vacation. We have to run errands, do laundry, go to the doctor, clean the cat box, drink wine and exercise, just like people everywhere.   1,006 more words

Italians to the rescue

The translation of the title is: The events of Candia. Italian crews saved the Greek refugees.

The illustration depicts events in the very early stages of the European Intervention. 152 more words

European Intervention Crete

At Least 40 Migrants Die In Mediterranean

At least 40 migrants have died, in the hold of a boat, likely of suffocation, in the Mediterranean Sea, according to a statement by the Italian navy. 69 more words


18/7/1915 The Second Battle of the Isonzo: Italy attacks again

The first Italian attempt to break the Austro-Hungarians along the Isonzo failed. Now, less than two weeks later, the Italians are having another go. By now their army is at last fully mobilised and they hope to apply lessons learned from their previous mistakes. 315 more words

First World War

TCG Enez In Italian Minex 2015

M-262 TCG Enez, Engin class mine hunter from Turkish Navy is taking part in Italian mine warfare exercise Italian Minex 2015 as part of NATO SNMCMG-2. 203 more words

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