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Italian painting: La Madonna del Divino Amore for the first time in Turin

The masterpiece was painted by Raffaello for Lionello da Carpi from Mendolla

Raffaello’s painting “La Madonna del Divino Amore” leaves the museum of Capodimonte in Naples and arrives for the first time in Turin at the Pinacoteca Agnelli from March 19 until June 28. 96 more words

View From Le Sofa - The Last Full Day.

So yesterday’s attempt at seeing the Hokusai exhibition was a bit of disaster.  We decided at the time that we would get to Grand Palais on Sunday before opening time and make sure we got to see it. 929 more words


Francis Howard (1874-1954) and the 'other' Grosvenor Gallery (founded 1912)

Given names of art galleries are very important. They may refer to their holdings (the Spanish Gallery, that dealt in old masters from this country), their geographical location (the Sackville Gallery, in Sackville Street), or hint to some culturally shared concept (the Carfax Gallery, founded by Oxford university students, who referred to a monument in such a town; but also, more simply, the Modern Gallery). 778 more words

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The Passion in Eight Artworks (1250-1550) The Bloody Wedding and the Raphael Entombment


The Baglioni Altarpiece


Oil on Panel

Galleria Borghese

“Unfortunately, every member of that family deemed himself as fit to rule as his fellows and the Great Betrayal destroyed more than half of them. 1,496 more words

More about Mary Berenson

While there is much material on Bernard Berenson, works by his wife Mary are less known. Even if the interest in her work is growing, few scholars have tackled the questions that stem from an analysis of her writings. 1,336 more words

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