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Italian Delicacies: Red Eggplant of Rotonda

A closer look at a quality eggplant variety, that looks like a large tomato: the Red Eggplant of Rotonda from Basilicata region, in Southern Italy.

Daily pedigree charts - Domenico Palumbo (b. 1898) FIXED

UPDATE: I’ve uploaded a revised chart since I had the wrong info about Vincenzo Palumbo + Carolina Marchionne. I finally sorted out a mistake in my database since Clemente Palumbo + Maria Savini had two sons Vincenzo and Vincenzo Antonio (you can imagine that caused some confusion). 36 more words


Quintessentially LA: Bestia, DTLA

Bestia, Bestia, Bestia! You can’t be in LA without hearing it’s name. After seeing it in my Where Chefs Eat book I added it to my list of places I wanted to try. 805 more words


Direnzo Watches pays tribute to timeless automotive aesthetic design on kickstarter in September

The DRZ_Type 250F is launching soon and it is a personal homage to the pioneering and fearless engineers who created the sexiest and fastest race cars of the 40s and 50s. 918 more words


Earthquake in Ischia

Tonight there was an earthquake centred on the island of Ischia. This is about 60 kms from Positano on the other side of the Bay of Naples. 35 more words


Spaghetti All' Amatriciana

Tonight’s dinner is from The New York Times Cookbook by Craig Clairborne. The recipe can be found here. It is an easy recipe with few ingredients but it looks and tastes extravagant. 157 more words

Quake hits Italian island, one dead, 25 injured

ROME (Reuters) – An earthquake of magnitude 4.0 hit the tourist-packed Italian island of Ischia, off the coast of Naples, on Monday night, killing at least one person and injuring some 25 others as buildings collapsed, officials said.