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Laughter: The Universal Language – #9

This joke is a silly equal-opportunity insult. But it’s funny, so I don’t think anyone will mind! (Thanks again to Gemma Forliano!) 204 more words


Men of Italian Descent Who Enjoy Shoddy Sauce Brands.

Criticize Italians all you want (they’re lazy, infidelitous and incapable of paying their employees on time), but the one thing they’re always good for is food. 165 more words

Italian Greetings

Humans are social creatures and Italians are exceptionally so. They take great pleasure in each other’s company and have developed highly ritualized forms of interaction. Daily exchanges with friends and acquaintances involves physical contact and kisses on both cheeks are common. 335 more words


Ave Maria Del Orfano

Okay, so back in 2015 (I think), there was a video posted and it was Piero singing and playing piano to a song his Nonno Pietro wrote, called Ave Maria Del Orfano. 410 more words

Il Volo

ENGLISH                                                                                 .

Hello everyone! Welcome to Il Volo Notizie, it is a page to tell you all the cool things Il Volo is doing! All About Il Volo inspired me to make this page, so you should absolutely check them out as well, they are amazing, truly. 101 more words

Il Volo

Italians in Toronto: Stefano

This week I’d like to introduce a new section of this blog. As I said in my first post, there is a new “wave” of Italian immigrants coming to Canada. 1,720 more words