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How Do You Know It's Not Illegal?

La Flor and LC took off early, they told me they were invited out for breakfast but wouldn’t say who invited them. I’m free – at least for a few hours. 760 more words


Nice Threads

Not quite the red carpet. But, every head in Lorenzo’s Trattoria turned and stared at La Flor and LC as they were escorted to the best table in the house, courtesy of a phone call by Big Carmen. 823 more words


You're Not Wearing That T-Shirt

La Flor, LC, and me are dining out at Lorenzo Trattoria. Upscale Italian. La Flor told, not asked, LC to ditch the Carmen’s Pizzeria T and wear a custom, athletic fit sports coat, expensive slacks, and Italian handcrafted shoes. 597 more words


He Eats A Lot of Toad Food

“The ways I sees it, we can’t start an evolution till we gets donuts,” said O’Leary.

La Flor looked at me, “Write him out of the blog, Ray. 786 more words


It's The Police - Any Donuts Left?

“La Flor and LC we need to talk. Family discussion. I’ve got something that’s bothering me,” I said working on my fourth cup of coffee. 967 more words


One Hand Washes The Other and The Feet Too

“How’s the singing career going?” I asked La Flor. It wasn’t nice of me, but I couldn’t help myself.

La Flor looked up from her iPhone, “Better than expected.” 792 more words


Eat, Pray, Love

It has been a bit over two months that we are travelling and we are about to leave Indonesia. After a lovely night of BBQ and open-air cinema (with this movie), we left our little paradise island to make our way back to Bali. 655 more words