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Nonna's Working On a Curse

Chapter 7

Nonna’s eyes remained closed. She began speaking in Italian.

Mickey nudged Zeke, “What’s she saying, the folks never taught me Italian?”

Zeke said, “She’s talking to Rocco, her dead husband.” 511 more words


Is She Dead?

Chapter 6

Nonna placed three saucers and cups on the table. She walked to the kitchen counter and lifted an old coffee percolator and carried it to the table. 645 more words


Learning about Italians in Edinburgh (Rousse)

I was ashamed that I hadn’t finished reading the book that I had selected for our monthly meeting. However, and to my surprise, EH had not only reached the final page, but also enjoyed the story. 18 more words

I Put A Curse On Him

Chapter 5

Zeke pulled his fifteen-year-old sort of red, sort of yellow, a lot rust Chevy in front of 118 Walnut Ave. The only space left was in front of a fire hydrant. 747 more words


Bolt Action North Africa Italians

This is the first in a series of posts showcasing completed projects. The photos were taking on my phone using the MacroMat from Tablewar. 118 more words


From Italy with Love: The Folk Explosion of Kalàscima

Sometimes music can take you over in a feverish, festive dance. During this moment of sweaty abandon you feel inextricably connected with everyone around you, and the past bleeds with the present. 1,646 more words


It's Our Lucky Day

Chapter 3

Tony Gallino told Zeke and Mickey what he needed done. The boys nodded. Tony left without saying a word. Gus kept washing beer mugs and shot glasses. 718 more words