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31 Days of Orvieto: Day #27 - ARTISAN AGAIN...

Day #27 of “31 Days of Orvieto features another remarkable ARTISAN, Loretta Lovisa. Loretta painstakingly and lovingly creates (by hand, of course) ‘Merletto di Orvieto… 119 more words


Japanese Netizens share Italian friends' "most Italian moments"

Throughout the world, the Japanese are known as being a particularly diligent and hardworking people, perhaps even to a fault. They are viewed as being bound by honor to devote their lives to their company and inner circle of closest friends and family. 746 more words


The churchbells on Sunday

I get behind two lesbians in the Italian market, this medieval town in Germany — the market, no bigger than an elevator car, a telephone booth, and I say to the guy behind the counter you can leave the cheese out, I’m getting some too: 171 more words


31 Days of Orvieto: Day #19 - SECRET PLACES

La confaloniera (a promenade on the northern edge of the wall) is not a ‘secret’ exactly, however many visitors don’t often find themselves in this part of town…but they should. 78 more words


#King of the Nerds: That Look

In my last blog I wrote about the Italian Festival I went to with Nick and some of his family and really how I felt that I was finally part of his family. 237 more words

#King of the Nerds: Italian Festival

Holy Mother of…

There are some words that can not describe the intensity of little old Italian women and men.  HAHA Ethnic I am not.  I am pretty white, as white can be and come from Ireland, Great Britain and France.   200 more words

"At this spot is one of the views on 
which those few travellers who pass from Reggio 
to Naples by land are accustomed to bestow 
enthusiastic praise ; nor is it unworthy of its 
60 more words