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Being here, in Italy, many times I received  a question: “How do you see US Italians?”, and I was lost in conjecture.  It was only 10 days of my journey, but I already think that it would be more difficult to understand their mentality and culture. 204 more words

My Grandmother's House

My grandparents bought their house when my dad was a kid. My grandfather lifted the house off the ground with a crane to dig the basement and gutted the house with his bare hands, to make it their own. 752 more words

Calcio Fiorentino

Friday, February 17, 2017

Today was a wonderful Friday! I woke up with a sore throat two days in a row, unfortunately; however, I haven’t had any other cold symptoms, and I’m religiously eating soup. 315 more words


America Today: Islamophobia, Anti-Immigrant Sentiment and an Archaic System || Feb 13, 2017

In hearing a lot of complaints about president-elect Trump’s Islamophobia, it’s been surprising to learn how uneducated the average person is about the history of Islamophobia in America. 1,063 more words

America Today

Swiss facilitate naturalisation

The facilitation of the naturalisation of the third generation of migrants by 60.4% ov Swiss votes is far from being a revolution, and even less an open door policy .This reform aims at simplifying the administrative procedures for the descendants of immigrants wishing to obtain a Swiss passport. 195 more words


Darling harbour and a Sicilian birthday party!?

Cafe Italiano

When I woke up this morning I woke up with the WORST sunburn imaginable. Lucky for me, I had brought my strange miracle gel to sooth the pain. 1,204 more words


Interview with Vittoria’s Secret Recipes

We are not alone in the world of food freaks. There are many of them out there and we found one of the most inspiring person among this international community: Vittoria, founder of… 680 more words