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Little Italy Cleveland Celebrates the Feast of the Assumption

Ever since 1898 the annual celebration of the Feast of the Assumption has been  the highlight of the Italian-American community in Cleveland’s Little Italy. Occurring in August to coincide with Aug 15,  the Catholic feast day of the  Assumption of Mary into heaven, the celebration continues for a four-day weekend. 415 more words

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The Blessing of the Water

August 15th is known as the Blessing of the Waters day in the Catholic faith. It is the day when the Oceans are believed blessed… 197 more words

Life Musings From A Reiki Master And Intuitive Animal Communicator

A cacophony or 'sweet music'? Noise abatement in Hyde Park

One of the annoyances (or pleasures) or modern life is other people’s music. Music from car radios; a party next door; a radio blaring from an open window; a ‘ghetto blaster’ in the street; a child practicing the violin; or even that most modern of annoyances – the tinny noise emanating from headphones on the tube. 422 more words

An Italian procession in Clerkenwell

A muggy Sunday in July, with a most un-Mediterranean heat and light bathing Clerkenwell. We are gathered outside St. Peter’s Italian Church, waiting for the start of London’s longest running Italian spectacle. 845 more words


Gestione e strategia aziendale: buon lavoro Marco!


Sto svolgendo una consulenza in un’azienda toscana di logistica. Le domande sono: “i nostri clienti come ci vedono?”, “qual è la nostra specializzazione, in cosa siamo migliori, unici, o differenti? 297 more words

An Instagram Hello & Shout Out- Part III

Ciao a tutti! Hello everyone!

Hope you enjoy a selection of pictures from my Instagram this month. Would love to hear your favorites :)

Blue cheese pizza with negroamaro- red wine of Puglia🍕🍷

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Two Italian musicians in a row about a monkey

Pietro and Tomaso Marsini were described in the Guildhall court as ‘Savoyard brothers’. Savoy was a historical region in what is now territory shared between France, Switzerland and Italy. 394 more words