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Of Declines and Falls

Not always an alien influx followed by racial admixture.

One of Der Movement’s favorite memes is the idea that national decline and the fall of civilizations always have an external racial basis – i.e., the decline and fall occurs as a result of some sort of alien influx followed by “racial admixture.” 447 more words


Coming off shift with a smile

Originally published in the Pacific Coast Bulletin, May 24, 1923

Every mine has its firebosses, but Newcastle is willing to stack its supervisory force against that of any other mine in the world, confident of winning first honors anywhere. 621 more words


How to dress like an Italian: 6 essential style rules locals don't share

Italians are often pinpointed as one of the most stylish people in the world. It’s certainly true that since we are little children, we are taught how to dress properly and according to the specific “environment” we are in, but which are the rules one should follow to look cool “like an Italian”? 1,005 more words


Norwegian Day Is Not My Favorite Day

**My personal opinion only, and I live and let live*** Today is Norwegian Day, or something like that, and here in Ballard we have some big Norwegian Day parade that has been in existence as far back as I remember (1970s). 129 more words


Trump, Russia, and the Virginia Protest

The usual stupidities.

The whole fabricated (I think) Russia scandal is yet more evidence of Trump’s omega male ineptness.  Assuming for a moment that there is no real “meat” behind this “scandal” then how did it come into existence?   400 more words


Saving the Tiger (a mission in North Africa)

This game mirrored some real events that took place in the Winter War … but for our purposes, the mission takes place in North Africa, just after the Vichy French forces joined the Allied cause. 534 more words


Leadership at Loveday

When war came to Australia.

The man appointed to run the Loveday Internment Camps was Lieutenant Colonel Dean. As it turned out Edwin Thayer Dean was an inspired choice. 736 more words