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SLC News: More Type I Retardation

More stupidity.

The Uniformed Emperor

Really?  You think?  Pepe!  Hail Kek!

Secret Alt Right meeting video!

And this is a formerly unknown Beavis-and-Butthead episode.

Altright.com runs an article about the migrant invasion of Palermo, and the response in the comments section is what is to be expected.  956 more words

Blue Monday

The most depressing Monday of the year they say, and I think they are not wrong. Today, Monday 15th January, here in Cambridge, has been one of those so over-rainy and dark days. 86 more words

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Orkney in World War II: the Churchill Barriers

The Second World War has left its marks all over the world, Europe in particular. Everywhere you go, there’s a marker informing you about a battle or some other event that took place there; either that, or the landscape has been completely altered by the war. 478 more words


2018 Devonport Cup

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HIDDEN Jet wins the 2018 Devonport Cup, while former Senator Jacqui Lambie strutts her stuff in the fashions on the field. 6,671 more words


Musica italiana che nessuno* si caga.

Le parole asteriscate sono da intendersi riferite al 90 percentile. Siamo tutti diversi, ma statisticamente solo il 10 percentile lo è.

Non sono un musicologo, forse nemmeno un musicofilo, ma sicuramente ascolto tanta musica: 174 more words



除了超人氣部落客、時尚教主、真人芭比娃娃Chiara Ferragni經營有成的部落格The Blond Salad象徵義大利女孩們追求高超時尚的品味和魅力精神外,想了解義大利的新一代時尚力,還可以透過這幾個也不容小覷的部落客一探究竟!

首先當然還是要端出女神Chiara Ferragni,她創立的The Blond Salad現在已經不只是一個網站,在2012年又創立個人服飾品牌Chiara Ferragni Collection,最有代表性也最熱賣的單品就是「眨眼鞋」,亮麗甜美又帶有酷勁的設計也很符合Chiara女人味十足又豪放大剌剌的個人穿搭風格.


Prada baby

A post shared by Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni) on Nov 22, 2017 at 7:27am PST…

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Italia, 請多指教

The Invented Italian

Philip Jose Farmer, another ethnic fetishist.

I’ve started re-reading the Riverworld science fiction series by Philip Jose Farmer, whose background is described here.  As regards plot and writing, it’s fairly good, but from a racialist perspective, it is not good at all. 723 more words