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Flashback Across the Table

Flashbacks and Cozy Mysteries like to hang together. Oh, they’re not drinking buddies, but they like to “do lunch.” Often.

So, when approaching a Cozy Mystery, you’ve go to be prepared to deal with the Flashback across the table. 40 more words


Sexuality Isn't Always Either/Or

Content Notice: This post discusses bi/pan/poly/queerphobia, depictions of police in media, and contains an uncensored ableist slur. 1,487 more words


What It Means to Be Transgender Me

Content Notice: This post discusses transphobia, misgendering, embyphobia, binaryism, and discrimination against gender non-conforming people.  2,920 more words


Inclusion, Exclusion, and Belonging in Queer Spaces

Content Notice: This post discusses ace/arophobia, bi/pan/poly/queerphobia, general anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry, and exclusionist tactics to “close off” queer communities to ace and aro people. 2,443 more words


Italics - Italianish

Italics, sloping style letters, usually used to give emphasis, was introduced in 1501 by Aldus Manutius, an Italian printer, who printed an edition of Virgil using the sloping style letters, he dedicated the edition to Italy and those who used the style after, called it ‘Italic’.



A/N: The flashback continues….

Dennis called on him time and again after that night. What’d started out as just a drunk, brief one night stand soon blossomed into a full fledged love affair between an infatuated Ben and the young law student. 1,508 more words

Putting a Slant on things

Putting a Slant on things

Rory C. Keel

When words are slanted to the right, they are in Italic. In writing, this can indicate several things to the reader. 42 more words