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Signs of Amateur Writing

Now before we begin, I will say that these signs of amateurish writing can be easily fixed once you know what to look for. So don’t get discouraged, especially if you haven’t heard this advice before. 460 more words

How does all this work?

That is a great question!

If you’re wondering who I am, there is a link on the home page that says “About Me” and you can learn a little bit about me before you go off to read my dreams. 118 more words


Bite-sized Tips No. 24: Quotation Marks or Italics

During my translation work I often come across words that the author has put in italics, quotations marks, or in italics within quotation marks. And often the way they use them throughout the text is inconsistent. 1,332 more words

Bite-sized Tips

Small Details That Can Make a Big Difference

Mystery Novels consist of some basic elements—protagonist, antagonist, plot, setting, conflict and resolution. Most mystery writers understand these elements and can fold them into an interesting, well-written story. 376 more words

Writing Craft

Italics - Italianish

Italics, sloping style letters, usually used to give emphasis, was introduced in 1501 by Aldus Manutius, an Italian printer, who printed an edition of Virgil using the sloping style letters, he dedicated the edition to Italy and those who used the style after, called it ‘Italic’.



it reads and feels nothing. a reminder’s footnote.

memory forgets its hermit father

& painters
go bald.

a mother says little.

each cigarette
has its own… 13 more words