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“Anti-Recovery” Attitudes Around Neurodivergence

Content Notice: This post contains discussion of mental health treatment, ableism, saneism, mis- and maltreatment of disabled people in a medical setting, and lack of medical autonomy. 1,434 more words


I Muster the Strength

I muster

the strength

to leave alone

all my lofty     ambition

Save for time


Memory to


My fellow


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15 hidden WhatsApp features that everyone should know about

Whatsapp has swiftly grown from a small startup to one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over one billion users.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk


We are Gods 3: Italics, Underlines and CAPS, oh, my!

This is the traditional emphasis formatting caveat:

Limit to the use of italics. … removing all underlines, bolds, and CAPS.

A page of print is a visual medium and we can convey a great deal of data through our use of emphasis formatting. 

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don’t get lost

she’d say to me

and blindsided I would try to

obey in a desperate attempt

to be the found among the crowd… 30 more words


Flashback Across the Table

Flashbacks and Cozy Mysteries like to hang together. Oh, they’re not drinking buddies, but they like to “do lunch.” Often.

So, when approaching a Cozy Mystery, you’ve go to be prepared to deal with the Flashback across the table. 40 more words


Sexuality Isn't Always Either/Or

Content Notice: This post discusses bi/pan/poly/queerphobia, depictions of police in media, and contains an uncensored ableist slur. 1,487 more words