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How the creator of Italics killed a man

We all have come to know and love Italic font for its power in showing emphasis and foreign language. Italics are nice because they allow more words to fit into a line than normal type–which is what the creator of Italics, Francesco Griffo, wanted to do when he created the first italics back in the 1450s for Aldus Manutius, a Venetian printer-publisher. 54 more words



Magdalene Old Library D.9.50 : La Diuina comedia / di Dante, con gli argomenti, & allegorie per ogni canto, e due indici, vno di tutti i vocaboli più importanti vsati dal Poeta, con la esposition loro, e l’altro delle cose più notabili.  598 more words

Old Library

KRNE & Portrait - Italics [FREE DL]

Up next, the Terrorhythm Elements Series continues into 2015 with a two track single entitled, “Italics,” from the talented producers KRNE and Portrait. The Terrorhythm Elements Series is a group of productions brought to you by the top artists on their label. 120 more words


"A Tribute to the Printer Aldus Manutius, and the Roots of the Paperback" - Jennifer Schuessler - New York Times

Current show on at the Grolier Club in New York featuring some of the books printed at Aldo Manuzio’s famous Aldine Printing Press. Manuzio is largely credited with establishing modern reading as we know it, by making smaller portable editions of classic books. 58 more words


The Importance of Proofing

I had a minor rude awakening this weekend.  My proof copy of The Winter Garden came last weekend, so I decided I would give the book one more round of proof-reading to find some leftover typos and make sure everything was in order.  301 more words


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The Cult of Victimhood - Marcus Tatton-Blue

Feckless unemployed NEATS keep stealing my tax money. Morally spiteful gays threaten my sexuality with their government-approved marriages. Screeching women savage my bleeding ear drums with their howls about rape. 1,154 more words