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On Italics, in Brief

So my cat (read: my wife-to-be’s cat) is famous, and I am now known better for meowing at him than for anything else I’ve done with my life. 134 more words

Putting a Slant on things

Putting a Slant on things

Rory C. Keel

When words are slanted to the right, they are in Italic. In writing, this can indicate several things to the reader. 42 more words


Sources of Academic Papers

Many places to get papers on the Internet.

Some run as businesses so charge registration fee or fee/paper. ITALICS, as referenced in the Research Activity… 12 more words

01 - What Is An Academic Paper?

Barbara Jane Reyes and Italics

The use of italics as seen in “”To Love as Aswang,” “To  Be Prey,” “To Sing Surrender and a few others that alternate lines of italicized and non-italicized text gives her poems polyvocality. 697 more words

Reading Responses

Hello Saturday ...

How was your week? Mine was mixed but generally good.  The highlight was a day at the St Bride Foundation where I learned more about the Adana 8×5 and produced a piece of text.   83 more words

Things That I Do!

Class, Thurs, 9/22

Thinking About Spelman

Fastwrite: In the next-to-last sentence of Repair, Spelman writes:

The story of H. reparans throws into sharp relief how we humans have responded to the fact of being creatures who are inherently limited by the resources at our disposal, who are subject to the ever-present possibility of failure and decay, who sometimes seek continuity with the past, and who face the necessity of deciding whether or not to patch up relationships with our neighbors—in short, it reminds us of some facts about the human condition that perhaps we tend to find disturbing.

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