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Welcome Home for August

I think I mentioned before, but I like to make sure I put my calligraphy to some sort of practical use from time to time. Here’s the one for August, which I knocked out a couple of days early on the occasion of the visit of The Boyfriend’s parents. 131 more words


Critical Fix to "Withering Flame" file! Read if you bought the book!

Hi folks, a little bit of an emergency update. If you bought the “Withering Flame”, you’ve probably noticed that from Chapter VII it’s all in italics. 122 more words


Ink Drop Limerick for July 2015

It’s that time again, to play with new inks! Thanks, as usual to the fine people at Goulet Pens for such an entertaining and slightly addictive service. 252 more words



Today I want to talk about italicizing internal dialogue. Because everyone seems to want me to do it, but I keep refusing.

Because…dammit, Jim, I’m a writer, not a typesetter! 746 more words

Writing Advice

Writing while taking a dump — No. 76

Universal proof of a proposition is fundamentally impossible, since the Universe is not universally accessible to the human intellect.

What ground will universality stand upon? 30 more words

Writing While Taking A Dump

Various Artists - Running Man: The Home Edition (3" Biz CD-R, Serious Business)

The original Running Man film is an hour and forty minutes of Arnold Shwarzenegger badassery, but if it could be boiled down to five minutes, harsh noise is certainly the way to do it. 369 more words