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How To Fix Our One-Hit Wonder Problem

Way before William Hung, Rebecca Black and Enrique Iglesias, there was another fantastically confident, but severely tone deaf, “singer” on the scene – a handsome, yet greasy man by the name of Pauly Fuemana, who somehow got hold of some recording equipment and threw a bunch of random words together (apparently, mostly English words), hired his nerdy friend to compose a beat around a “catchy guitar thing” he’d been working on (probably), and set out to put together a visual love poem set to music with the ultimate goal to, one can only assume, impress some babes (maybe). 578 more words


Weekly Stitching Practise: Silk Script

I was given a silk scarf to work on today with these three large script letters to go on it. As it is cut on the bias, framing this one up is pretty tricky as the fabric wants to stretch as it pleases. 42 more words

Weekly Stitching Practise

Bold, Italics Etc Text In Firefox

View attachment 40870 I m finding the text options are playing up unless you choose them in advance. Is this normal as I ve gone back to bold a word for example and it won t work?? 7 more words

Penman No. 183: Why I Choose to Italicize

Penman for Monday, January 18, 2016

ONE OF the more interesting sidelights in our discussions at the NVM Gonzalez Centennial Workshop in Mindoro a couple of weeks ago had to do with the seemingly small issue of whether or not to italicize Filipino and other non-English words in an English text. 1,049 more words

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Good Writing, Italics, Inner Monolog

I’m in rewrite on my second novel.  I occasionally run into the problem of how to show the reader a character’s thoughts as distinguished from what the character says.  156 more words


The best approach is to use italics very very judiciously.
Start with thinking you can’t use any, and then use it only if you absolutely must. 

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To Beat a Grammarian: Italics

To Beat a Grammarian: Italics


For the most part, it seems most people know how to use italics, but just in case you don’t, here we go. 221 more words