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Getting Grammar Straight

Some Grammar and Punctuations Rules


Pronouns must agree with the word they refer to in person, number, and gender. This is known as pronoun- antecedent agreement. 3,429 more words


WhatsApp update: Bold, italics and strikethrough

WhatsApp, the most popular chatting service, will now let you add the new options of bold, italics and strikethrough to your everyday WhatsApp chat in its latest update. 144 more words



Shouldn’t that italicize instead?
Shouldn’t we breathe while we’re dead?
Shouldn’t we sing? But it’s all in your head.

Paint the walls red.



Test Post 3

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut cursus ante enim, at lobortis purus semper eget. Praesent cursus orci id sem commodo viverra. Donec et volutpat nibh, eu dictum ante. 293 more words


How To Fix Our One-Hit Wonder Problem

Way before William Hung, Rebecca Black and Enrique Iglesias, there was another fantastically confident, but severely tone deaf, “singer” on the scene – a handsome, yet greasy man by the name of Pauly Fuemana, who somehow got hold of some recording equipment and threw a bunch of random words together (apparently, mostly English words), hired his nerdy friend to compose a beat around a “catchy guitar thing” he’d been working on (probably), and set out to put together a visual love poem set to music with the ultimate goal to, one can only assume, impress some babes (maybe). 578 more words

Stupid Music Stuff

Weekly Stitching Practise: Silk Script

I was given a silk scarf to work on today with these three large script letters to go on it. As it is cut on the bias, framing this one up is pretty tricky as the fabric wants to stretch as it pleases. 42 more words

Weekly Stitching Practise

Bold, Italics Etc Text In Firefox

View attachment 40870 I m finding the text options are playing up unless you choose them in advance. Is this normal as I ve gone back to bold a word for example and it won t work?? 7 more words