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Merry Christmas to Our Christian Readers and Our Collection about Christmas

Merry Christmas to All Our Christian Readers and What is the Muslim Times Doing for You

The Muslim Times is promoting universal brotherhood and sisterhood in a world, which is divided by nationalism, religion, race, social class, gender and last but not the least, obfuscation created […] 813 more words


Rome Attractions: The Trevi Fountain

Even if you’ve never been to Rome, you probably can conjure up an image of the Trevi Fountain. From the opening toss of Three Coins in the Fountain… 928 more words


Leaning Tower of Pisa--Tourist Trap or Tuscan Treasure?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa—is a worth a visit? Described as overrated and disappointing, some travel writers advise seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa only to put a check mark in a box. 948 more words


Historic Food Markets in Florence: Mercato Centrale & Sant’Ambrogio Market

As my regular readers know, I love traveling to historical spots that allow me to sample good food. Eat to live or live to eat? I’m definitely in the latter category. 546 more words


Gondola Rides in Venice—Worth Every Euro

Before traveling to Venice, I had read countless articles and blogs from travelers warning visitors not to buy into the tradition of the gondola ride. The main reason was always the same—it was too expensive. 918 more words