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Blond hair, red clothing

Capcom’s Dante Sparda’s also partly based on Space Adventure Cobra who also has blond hair and wears red but since Dante Alighieri himself’s often depicted wearing red, that’s inevitable. 164 more words

Kind of writes itself

I suppose if Barry Allen were to be patterned after Dante Alighieri, if that ever happens at all, not only does it write itself ( 170 more words

The real trouble

I suppose the real trouble with Barry Allen as he is in the comics isn’t that he lacks a personality but that he’s too much of a reader surrogate to function as his own character and develop his own voice. 153 more words

Day 5: The first 10,000 photos...

As somebody that loves photography (but sucks at it) I have read my fair share of photography tips and tricks, and it was during one of these reads where I came across the line; “Your first ten thousand photo will be your worst” 1,129 more words


Our garden at Casa Debbio

Leaving my garden at Casa Debbio to come home to Australia is difficult. After watching it grow in spring, planting, weeding and watering I have to leave it behind for the summer. 458 more words