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She may've predicted those Italian films

There’s this 1968 prediction made a woman which Emmanuel Minos recorded and one of these is the mainstreaming of pornography. It wasn’t necessarily any better before with the Renaissance witnessing mass publication of pornography like I Modi and arguably the majority of nude illustrations at the time (which would’ve angered Girolamo Savonarola a lot). 141 more words

Black Sabbath - Movie Review


Original Title: I tre volti della paura
Country: Italy
Director: Mario Bava
Release: 1963
Genre: Horror
IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes 820 more words


How to become more Australian.

You can tell that the elections for a Government are getting close. Politicians are ramping up a bit of nationalism by proposing that emigrants acquaint themselves with a ‘true Australian culture’. 407 more words

Gerard Oosterman

angels and martyrs

If I hadn’t been told about this amazing church by a work colleague before leaving for Italy, I’m sure we would have missed it. The façade is somewhat disguised amidst the opulence of the Piazza della Repubblica. 481 more words


The Bourbon tunnel, a must do in Naples

In turbulent times in Naples, Ferdinand II wanted an escape route from the royal palace. Errico Alvino was commissioned in 1853 to construct a military passage for troops and his family. 792 more words



trav·el: to make a journey, typically of some length or abroad

There is so much to love about traveling! Traveling allows one to discover new places and rub shoulders with different cultures. 856 more words


Friday Roundup #5

As I had planned, I finished the Lucy’s Lucky Shells shawl by JoCreates.  All blocked and wrapped up in coloured tissue paper, ready to give to the lucky recipient. 380 more words

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