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Must Have Items in Your #Beach Bag This #Summer


There’s something special in touching the content.


A hologram of John Cage performing 4'33"

This small leaflet, likely published in 1981, offers a brief biographical portrait of Cage and a short description of 4’33”, one of his most notorious compositions. 382 more words

John Cage

Excerpt from "45' for a Speaker"

This excerpt from Cage’s “45′ for a Speaker” (1961) appears in Jackson Mac Low and La Monte Young’s An Anthology of Chance Operations (1963), a collection of typographically-experimental “concrete poetry.” This Cage excerpt is featured alongside George Brecht, Earle Brown, and Joseph Byrd. 112 more words

John Cage

Items under 4£

New items that are under 4£+6.99£ shipping fees. Buying directly from here we giving -2£ for each item. Buying in bundle we make even more extra discounts. 41 more words



Learning from the best, I have learned to keep things simple to get the best out of things.


Clearance Items To Adorn Your Office

Every office premise needs office furniture including chairs, desks, cabinets, storage space and lots more. Thousand tones of furniture are thrown away every year due to some reasons. 13 more words