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Quilt: Iteration

The quilt I began in the last entry has made some progress.  I’ve discovered some challenges, too.  When you work with pre-cut strips, they’re pretty standard: 2 1/2″ throughout the length, usually 42-55″.   278 more words


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Jiminy Cricket, I’m tired.
I have a brief image of how and what I shot. I had no idea a pistol would do what it did, kick so hard. 305 more words


week8: idea, reiterate & create

ONE side: dead tech, accumulation of broken things rewired with neon glow

OTHER side: working, automated technology that is upgraded all the time

  • think apple ads – one computer or screen playing AD on a loop…
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Numerical Solutions to Linear Equations

We will discuss 2 methods :

Gauss-Seidel Method

Jacobi’s Iteration Method


Only Final Drafts

I hate my Moleskin tablet
just way too much pressure
to get getting it right
the first

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PHP: (Ab)using the For-Loop

This blogpost draws inspiration from a similar one exploring ways to use or abuse loops in the C Programming Language 237 more words


A Recursive Exercise in C

Recently someone asked an interesting question at StackOverflow about using recursion  in the C Programming Language to achieve the same result as code relying on a loop structure.   431 more words