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An alternative to data masking

Dynamic data masking is a neat new feature in recent SQL Server versions that allows you to protect sensitive information from non-privileged users by masking… 1,000 more words


Create a nested parent child list in Java 8

I am new to Java 8 and need a solution to the below problem.

I have two classes as below:

class Person {
    String name;
    int age;
    List<Address> address;

class Address {
    String street;
    String city;
    String country;
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Coding Challenge Walkthrough - Week 4 - Fibonacci Generator

The challenge: Week 4 Challenge
My code: Week 4 Code

The Explanation

There are 3 main ways that the Fibonacci sequence can be generated:

  1. Recursion…
  2. 275 more words

Reading the Comics, January 3, 2018: Explaining Things Edition

There were a good number of mathematically-themed comic strips in the syndicated comics last week. Those from the first part of the week gave me topics I could really sink my rhetorical teeth into, too. 1,370 more words


how to iterate in a bson document in java

I am trying to iterate through a bson document in java but I get an error

new Document().append("test",1).forEach(record -> {
        System.out.println(record);           ^ error here
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Filtering the two first matching elements in a list

I have a list of lists sorted in an ascending order, similar to this one:

input = [,,,,,,,,,]

I want to filter this list so that the new list would only contain the first two (or the only) element with matching integers in position 0, like so: 258 more words



For some reason in design schools we have adopted the term “iteration” for doing multiple versions. In writing this is called a “draft.” And I cannot enough stress the need for multiple drafts, especially early on when still forming an idea. 208 more words