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'The Minimum Viable' State of Mind

Quick and clumsy is always better than long and planned out. This was a core principle in Sun Tzu’s Art of War (also translated as Art of Movement). 937 more words


the importance of iteration and why you need a dedicated branding notebook

Iteration is SO important. This is part of the reason why I keep everything in one notebook. From brainstorming to writing down values I want my company to have to meeting notes. 60 more words


Game development process week 5

Last week I talked about how I thought when I was creating the sprite for the ranged enemy and some images from the development process. This week I have been working on the sprite for the astronaut which is the main character for the game. 457 more words


Use Stack to avoid recursion in DFS

(the screenshot is from our lecture notes, all rights and wrongs are reserved by Tim Roughgarden)

I am learning algorithm from Coursera again, in order to revisit those wisdom to activate my wet brain. 284 more words


Ed Buzzword: Failure

Seems like everywhere you look these days there is an article, a book, a motivational speaker or educator who is slinging a slogan for the power of failure. 768 more words


“Do we get iterations?” : Creating a Culture of Innovation

Over the last few years, my teaching partner Margit Boyesen and I have been working to help our young students develop persistence and grit…and to see themselves as producers in the learning process. 1,037 more words