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Founder Nick Swinmurn was frustrated because there was no central online site with a great selection of shoes … Swinmurn could have waited a long time, instead on testing his compete vision complete with warehouses, distribution partners, and the promise of significant sales … Instead, he started by running an experiment.

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Flash-forward to 2002. Cook was frustrated … Simply put, too many of its new products were failing … he came to a difficult conclusion: the prevailing management paradigm he and his company had been practicing was inadequate to the problem of continuous innovation in the modern economy … Because TurboTax does most of its sales around tax season in the United States, it used to have an extremely conservative culture.

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#7 Experiment4: Interruption with children's book

Interruption with children’s book

What are facts/reality that is hidden under a simple story? How children’s book simplified the complexity of things going on in the real world? 53 more words

Studio Iteration

Sketching the Socially Dynamic Organisation

A Socially Dynamic Organisation will be fundamentally adapted: not simply a minor reinvention of the current state, but rather a fundamental evolution in organisational design and execution. 568 more words



In the previous part we learned about the Selection flow controls. Moving further, today we are going to look at the other flow control type which is Iteration. 236 more words

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Com Truise cruising to Oval Space

Com Truise – aka Seth Haley – has released a new song, taken the wraps off his upcoming album, and announced a headline show in London. 143 more words

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Sorting LEGO Bricks and Pieces for Larger Building Projects on the Horizon

One of the important tasks that I had set for myself over the Spring Recess was to sort my LEGO brick collection. For many, many years, I would painstakingly look through my bins of bricks for types and colors of bricks as needed for a given project. 427 more words