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In the previous part we learned about the Selection flow controls. Moving further, today we are going to look at the other flow control type which is Iteration. 236 more words

Flow Controls

Com Truise cruising to Oval Space

Com Truise – aka Seth Haley – has released a new song, taken the wraps off his upcoming album, and announced a headline show in London. 143 more words

Live News

Sorting LEGO Bricks and Pieces for Larger Building Projects on the Horizon

One of the important tasks that I had set for myself over the Spring Recess was to sort my LEGO brick collection. For many, many years, I would painstakingly look through my bins of bricks for types and colors of bricks as needed for a given project. 427 more words


An example of fractal generating code

Fractals are structures that contain features at all scales, which means that they always reveal more features when zoomed into. Images of computer generated fractals, like the featured image, are something that almost everyone has seen. 297 more words


2016-06(Jun)-29-Wed-0013 (entry 3/4)

I wrote something about apologies a while back. (Fri Oct 31 11:58 AM 2014, the original is much bigger than this one and posting it here would detract… 8 more words

Primates On Typewriters

Midpoint Polygon Conjecture

This is going to be yet another ambitious post like New Diagonal Contribution Theorem, and Cross Diagonal Cover Problem.

Let’s begin with following definitions from Wikipedia: 277 more words

My Research

Tasting Iterations 1 & 2

Memory is flawed. It’s science. We simply don’t have as accurate of a memory as we’d like to believe. Without going too Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind… 862 more words