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Evolution of the idea(s)

After a lot of research into the world of virtual reality, we started to brainstorm again to nail down the right idea. We realised that with this new platform, we had to approach our stories in a new way; treating them as experiential rather than a purely linear narrative as we would approach film. 1,213 more words

Final Year Project

Design for Design's Sake

“Art can exist for art’s sake. Design cannot.” — Matt Ward (Quoted in The Accidental Instructional Designer)

A month or so ago, I spent an entire day creating a single animation in Lectora.

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Agile So Far - January 2016

2015 was an odd year for us; we had a few projects that didn’t involve our product owners with people that don’t use Agile methodologies causing lots of frustration and timing issues, we took over development and support of a niche product, completing the backlog just as the product owner retired, our local leader also retired, effectively eliminating the ‘team’. 341 more words


The Perfectionism Fallacy

Perfectionism – Many of us revere this word. We believe that it symbolises the pinnacle of success, that the outcome of our venture is flawless, that it cannot be bettered. 667 more words


Iteration in the Kitchen

“An iteration is a pattern that consists
of shapes that, to some degree, repeat.”

Project 2 for my Writing 200 Class at the University of Michigan.



Dear Visitor!

I would share spreadsheets and other tools with you to help you solve water management related problems. Within the water management, the main topics will be hydraulics, hydraulic calculations of structures, hydrology, surveying, and some basic calculations regarding to civil engineering.  143 more words