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Turn on - Lightning Part 5 (Iteration over Map)

Currently as per Aura documents, it only supports list but whereas the Map collection type can be used very well in javascript controller.

Scenario: Customer wants to display the list of Open Opportunities by grouping them on Stage. 550 more words


Design Thinking - Iteration #1 and 2

And so we began, first thing this morning, to introduce 2nd year Werklund Education Students to the Design Thinking process using the prototype of our own workshop to show them, through a humanities based task, to incorporate empathy, definition and ideation (and not present but also discussed, prototyping and testing) into their teaching. 665 more words

Design Thinking

Golang Iteration/loop: Break & continue

package main

import "fmt"

var pows = []int{1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128}
var users = []string{"yuna", "yuni", "yuka", "deisy", "Miyem", "Jhony", "Merry", "Toni"}

func main() {
	for x, value := range pows {

		fmt.Println(x, ":", value)

		if value >= 16 {
			// After x is greater or equal to 16 stop the iterate

	for x, value := range pows {

		fmt.Println(x, ":", value)

		if value >= 16 {

		// After x is greater or equal to 16 do  not print this


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Design Thinking Workshop Prototype

And this is the last peaceful moment we will enjoy at the Doucette for some 5 weeks.  Beginning on Monday, what seems like the sprint to the finish for 2nd year Werklund pre-service teachers will begin with the shot of a starting pistol (only figuratively) and continue at a break neck speed until February 14th. 369 more words

Technology In Education

Reflect, Accept & Correct From professional life to Personal Life

As Human Beings one of our most treasured abilities is that we can (if we want) reflect on what we do and accept the outcome and correct what we feel is not right. 990 more words


Iteration versus Recursion

When it comes to what makes a computer (or any other) language a programming language, there are three characteristics usually required:

  1. Saving state (variables)
  2. Selecting a code path (if-then)
  3. 995 more words
Computer Programming

Social Leadership: My First 100 Days #WorkingOutLoud

You may have noticed that the title has changed: as I’ve been sketching out ideas for the cover this week, i revised the title. That’s what # 99 more words