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Finding primary key candidates

Probably one of the most common challenges I see when I do ETL and business intelligence work is analyzing a table (or a file) for possible… 1,558 more words


Iterating the logistic map: limsup of nonperiodic orbits

Last time we found that when a sequence with and does not become periodic, its upper limit must be at least . This time we’ll see that can be as low as and determine for which it is equal to 1. 469 more words


Projectile Feet!

Oh my gosh! Tomorrow there are three packages already stamped up and going out the door and at this very moment there are NO pending orders.   391 more words

Iteration 1

Brew Day

There’s something refreshing about the first brew of the new myear. The high for the day was in the 60s (yes, in January) and it was cool and overcast, which definitely helped create the atmosphere of an ideal brew day. 1,246 more words


The MacLaurin series for sin(x)

In my previous post I said “recall the MacLaurin series for :”

Since someone asked in a comment, I thought it was worth mentioning where this comes from. 464 more words


Using Maxima To Do Some Math Described in the Movie "Hidden Figures"

I looked in the NASA archives for the work of Katherine Johnson described so dramatically in the film “Hidden Figures”.  I found this 1960 paper: 228 more words

Acquiring data for a cutting edge audit office

How is the Wales Audit Office working to ensure that it provides audit that’s fit for the future? Dyfrig Williams blogs below on his work with the Cutting Edge Audit project. 820 more words