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Loops and recursions in parametric modelling

I have come across this problem already twice in this month and by looking at this fascinating post on Andrew Heumann’s blog (and over 10,000 downloads of the GH plug-in… 312 more words

3D Modeling

Iteration 1- iMovie and 1SE

Here are the two projects I have been working on for the first iteration:

Firstly, I have a rough draft of the submission using iMovie. The video is still too short and I am still contemplating whether or not to include a voiceover or music in the background to accompany the footage. 100 more words


Tower Of Hanoi Without Recursion

If you’ve taken courses in computer sciences, you probably know the Tower Of Hanoi algorithm. The task is to move a tower of discs from the source rod the the destination using an auxiliary rod. 635 more words


My work is iterative: never complete, constantly evolving. Sometimes i talk about #WorkingOutLoud, but it’s more than that. It’s about being unafraid to share… 107 more words


Iteration over dynamically added nested controls in C#

A generic function to use for any control type in any container at any levels:

public static List<T> FindControls<T>(Control container, bool dig) where T : Control
    List<T> retVal = new List<T>();
    foreach (Control item in container.Controls)
        if (item is T)
        if (dig && item.Controls.Count > 0)
            retVal.AddRange(FindControls<T>(item, dig));
    return retVal;
… 52 more words

A Failure to Communicate: Saying Much and Telling Little

Note: This is the first exhaustive-style post I’ve had since January. It is not short (4800 words). A functional TL;DR, is present in the introduction, bolded statements throughout the post, and conclusion. 4,870 more words


Voxel Explosion

This is the latest thing I was prompted to work on – exploding voxels. This was actually a rather tough definition to make in grasshopper, I might revisit it to see if I can optimise it at a later date. 114 more words

3D Modelling