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Derrida Contra Searle - Part 1...

The three most essential features of writing for Derrida happen to be remainder, rupture and spacing, of which the first is mirrored in weaning of a text from its origin and the second finds its congruence in severance of expression from its meaning, and all of the three happen to be graphematic. 1,779 more words


Approaches to Drawing: Research/my work

I was keen to try out the single line approach with drawing for myself having looked into Calder.

First I had a go with doing a figurative piece based on my cat, Jasmine. 222 more words


My 2019 Mathematics A To Z: Julia set

Today’s A To Z term is my pick again. So I choose the Julia Set. This is named for Gaston Julia, one of the pioneers in chaos theory and fractals. 1,607 more words


[python] Iterate a dictionary

The list data type is easy to iterate by using for item in items where item is the object in the list - items. 174 more words


Empathy: Next Level Content Development Skill

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the role of empathy in content development. In my experience, the most impactful trainings have been developed from the starting point of empathy. 524 more words

Learning And Training

PROJECT 1: Multiples (Finding)

A Form Study: Process, Repetition, Iteration, and Pattern


Using your thesis, choose an action to repeat every day for 28 days. You will begin this project by selecting an action/verb that is feasible to repeat every day. 486 more words

Front Steps Website Redesign

Front Steps is a non-profit in Austin, TX that focuses on solving homelessness in the greater Austin area. In this project, our design team was enlisted to help redesign their website. 488 more words