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Hitting the mark

For Mayme Hostetter from the Relay Graduate School of Education (New York), getting class right gets better with practice.

Mayme Hostetter, Relay Graduate School of Education


It's Only The End, Not The End - Trevor Scott, Tuesday Thoughts

On Sunday, the cast and crew of When We Grow Up finished its debut run of performances at Capital Fringe 2015. And while that may seem like the end to some people, it’s merely just the beginning. 459 more words

When We Grow Up

Iteration with matrix partition

We present an iteration method which uses matrix partition to solve linear simultaneous equations.

Iteration with matrix partition


From the macro the micro

Anna Baldwin from Arlee High School (Montana) lets the big questions guide the small decisions.  Click below to see the larger plan.

Anna Baldwin, Arlee High School (Montana)


Simultaneous Equations by Iterations

The Jacobi iteration and the Gauss-Seidel iteration are two common numerical methods for solving linear simultaneous equations. One major concern is convergence of the iterations, as it is well known that either iteration scheme may not converge. 26 more words