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The Four Iterations of LAMA

How we went from managing a successful celebrity shoutout platform to co-founding the video interview platform for entrepreneurs.

Who we are
Hey there! We’re Alex, Mario, and Robert, the co-founders of LAMA, the video Q&A app that connects people in the startup world. 1,178 more words

5 reasons you should adopt "Design Thinking"

Have you been curious to learn more about “design”? Does your team lack creativity? Are you worried about your competition? Or are you simply wondering how to better understand your clients? 727 more words


Depression part 2

There is a terrible inevitability to this day and the next

Get up, do some random shit, feel unsatisfied

Do some more shit, fantasize about unobtainable women, 51 more words


Using the arts and design to build student creative collaboration capacity

Community member post by Edgar Cardenas

How can undergraduate and graduate students be helped to build their interdisciplinary collaboration capacity? In particular, how do they build capacity between the arts and other disciplines? 1,301 more words


The Cheesecake Diaries, Volume 2: Fermentation Nation

So, I spent the last week or so creating a fermentation base (rejuvelac), soaking cashews, blitzing them up and making them into a vegan cream cheese, and making the whole thing into a baked cheesecake. 983 more words


Iterative Design and Process Evaluation

Iteration is the act of repeating a process, to generate a (possibly unbounded) sequence of outcomes, with the aim of approaching a desired goal, target or result. 1,580 more words


The Cheesecake Diaries: Volume One

There is perhaps one Holy Grail of vegan baking, one summit which is nigh-impossible to attain, and it is the vegan cheesecake. Maybe those are fighting words, so I invite those who disagree to come and fight me. 562 more words