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Deep Dive into the OpenSIPS Statistics Support

Whether you are a seasoned OpenSIPS administrator or you are still trying to figure out why your ACKs are looping all over your network, one thing is for certain: all of us will sooner or later need to have OpenSIPS produce some numbers which will answer questions such as: 1,462 more words


Design Diary: Angels & Aberrations - The Cherubim

My next DM’s Guild product is likely to be a monster compendium of astral creatures (as my previous design diary may have suggested). Initially, I wanted to do every creature that is “from the Astral Plane” in 5e style, but there’s a lot of 1e-era creatures that mention spending a lot of time on the Astral Plane that maybe make more sense in other capacities in 5e. 651 more words

The Discipline Of Design

Stack Iteration in Java (bug)

Stacks are LIFO collections. When iterating through a Stack we should first see the last item we entered into the Stack. In Java this is not the case, at least as far as the Stack class is concerned. 259 more words


Python: Anti_Vowel (Codecademy)

Anti_Vowel, this gave me a bit more difficulty than it really should have, when reviewing the solution it is far more simple than what I was attempting. 368 more words


contoh soal dan pembuatan pseudocode dalam Perulangan (loop) beserta flowchart

oke teman-teman dalam pos kali ini saya akan membagikan tentang pembuatan tentang pseudocode dalam perulangan beserta flowchartnya dengan banyak cara……….oke silakan disimak dan di beri komentar didalam kolom komentar… 209 more words

Struktur Algoritma Dan Pemograman

Tasting Iterations 6 & 8

Recently, I’ve ended up comparing beers of varying OG and ABV due to overshooting my gravity with Iteration 7 and the changes made after Iteration 5… 505 more words