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Getting an iterator and passing through it

Here you have some code for getting the iterator by name go through the values.

DCIteratorBinding iter = findIterator(“YOUR_ITERATOR_NAME”);

Row[] rows = iter.getAllRowsInRange();
for (Row row : rows) { // do something here } 88 more words


341. Flatten Nested List Iterator

Given a nested list of integers, implement an iterator to flatten it.

Each element is either an integer, or a list — whose elements may also be integers or other lists. 265 more words


The Travails of Traversal

The venerated foreach-loop may seem to have formed a part of PHP from the outset, but it actually entered the language starting with PHP 4, apparently appropriated from Perl. 1,708 more words


Chapt 16. The Standard Template Library

16.1. STL: (Learn C++)

The collection of classes providing templated containers, iterator and algorithms

16.2. STL Containers: (Learn C++) 182 more words

Parsing Json Data without giving KeyNames Android

For parsing json data we need to have keys and we either create a modal class to get data or use JSONObject to get data. 59 more words

Leetcode 284. Peeking Iterator


Given an Iterator class interface with methods: next() and hasNext(), design and implement a PeekingIterator that support the peek() operation — it essentially peek() at the element that will be returned by the next call to next(). 303 more words