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[LeetCode] Zigzag Iterator


2)用internal data structure自带的iterator


public class ZigzagIterator {
    private int x;
    private int y;
    private List<Integer> v1;
    private List<Integer> v2;
    private int cur;
    public ZigzagIterator(List<Integer> v1, List<Integer> v2) {
        this.v1 = v1;
        this.v2 = v2;
        x = 0;
        y = 0;
        cur = 0;

    public int next() {
        int res;
        if (cur == 0) {
            if (x < v1.size()) {
                res = v1.get(x++);
            } else {
                res = v2.get(y++);
        } else {
            if (y < v2.size()) {
                res = v2.get(y++);
            } else {
                res = v1.get(x++);
        cur = 1 - cur;
        return res;

    public boolean hasNext() {
        if (v1 == null && v2 == null) {
            return false;
        } else if (v1 == null) {
            return y < v2.size();
        } else if (v2 == null) {
            return x < v1.size();
        } else {
            return x < v1.size() || y < v2.size();

 * Your ZigzagIterator object will be instantiated and called as such:
 * ZigzagIterator i = new ZigzagIterator(v1, v2);
 * while (i.hasNext()) v = i.next();
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