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ITIM week 4 thoughts

Starting the coursework, we are to each design a network that can support 100 shops. A pretty hard task after minimally-focused training, I hope that the teacher helps people to meet this challenge. 199 more words



Mahal kita gaya ng itim:
Mahal kita hanggang dilim.

Ginawa (o nagawa?) ko ‘to isang gabi nang matapon ko ‘yong acrylic paint sa bahay. 46 more words


Week 12 - Elephant & Castle: Conclusion

The separation of business network activity from customer network activity via sub-net mask will automatically cancel out load balance related problems as customers will have their own web server configured to control packet requests, avoiding interruption of services utilized by the business units. 1,365 more words


Week 11 - Elepant & Castle: Considerations


Throughout the course of designing a network proposal, I developed some very strong ideas on how I feel the network architecture should be designed and the advantages of doing so. 856 more words


Week 10 - Elephant & Castle: Simulation

I began implementing my network design on Riverbed: Modeler to test the practicality and performance of the network through simulation. Below is the architecture design of the network without the added configurations for network functionality: 179 more words


Week 9 - Elephants & Castle: Holistic View

Today I decided to use Microsoft Visio to illustrate the holistic view of the proposed network infrastructure that would be implemented in the shopping center. From previous versions of my design I decided it would be more effective and manageable to design a network which would be distributed throughout the floors of the building. 359 more words


Week 8 - Elephant & Castle: Subnetting

The Elephant & Castle shopping center network I have designed will consist of three different switch types. The sub-net(s) they are configured in will be prerequisite to what type they are. 960 more words