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Exam Dates...

Confirming the dates of my SDT+ITIM exams was a bit of an experience to learn from. 154 more words


IIM Final Thoughts

There were many trials in the project but I made it… 589 more words


SDT End Thoughts

UPDATE: Somehow, even though the workload for individual team-members was in no way evenly spread and nor was meeting punctuality, the provisional marks are the same for all team members – which is not really fair. 335 more words


Customising This Site

Wanting to personalise the page template, I had to implement a few changes. 152 more words


IIM About Riverbed Modeler

We were able to use both Riverbed Modeller (OpNet/ RM) and CPT, modelling simulation software used to create networks. Instead of hardware prototyping, which demands more time and funds, modelling software benefits design and maintenance as it provides a close mirror of a physical network to be modified with without risk. 177 more words


MTI Week9 Thoughts

This week is an avalanche, so much to get done – for all three modules. 143 more words