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Need a US tax number?

I had been nervous about calling the IRS in the US to obtain an EIN. In the past I had sent ITIN documents to the embassy in Melbourne, and then sent them to the IRS, but it got rejected. 370 more words



With guest author Atlanta Jackson

When one thinks of, say, Harrods, they have a specific brand and image in mind. Surely writers can’t also have a brand? 476 more words


ITINs, Back Taxes, and Paper Trails

One of the best pieces of advice that can be given to immigrants who are undocumented is to create a paper trail of how they are spending their time in the US and to keep their paperwork as organized as possible. 600 more words

IRS Running Roughshod Over Taxpayers for Illegals?

Have you received¬†your filing book and/or instructions (Publication 501 Cat. No. 15000U Exemptions,Standard Deduction, and Filing Information For use in preparing 2014 Returns… 69 more words

Conservative View

OMG Smashwords!

So I uploaded my first novel Feet or Fins to Smashwords a week or so ago, but I keep getting formatting errors. First to do with the fact that I had change the 2010 word doc down to the 97-2003 version, but now for the last 3/4 times it has been to do with chapter bookmarks in the table of contents. 118 more words


Xmas holiday writings

Over the Christmas period I went back home to my parents and since they have limited internet access I was left with an unattractive amount of time where I would not be able to waste my life away with the internetings. 101 more words


Immigrants and Tax Return Filing

On November 20, 2014 President Obama announced an executive action on immigration which could extend relief from deportation to an estimated 5 million undocumented immigrants. 314 more words