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Information Headed To Texas ... What You Need to Know About Selling EBooks on Smashwords Living Outside of the USA

Since I am not a US resident and therefore do not have a Social Security number, but sell my books through a California-based, US retailer and distributor, Smashwords, and the other EBook retailers Smashwords distributes to, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) requires me to apply for an ITIN (Individualized Tax Identification Number) in order for Smashwords to release my book sales, without having to withhold taxes, which I will pay on my Canadian tax return. 296 more words


So you're not American? (Wannabe Author Series #2)

If you’re like me, you don’t natively belong to the country that acts as the intermediate between you the author, and them the readers. This means that before you can start selling your story of a lifetime on places like Smashwords, Amazon, or any of the other independents/superstores, you need to deal with tax – specifically, the taxation on… 598 more words

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Membuat Itinerary

Itinerary itu apa sih?

itinerary adalah , Detail rencana sebuah perjalanan, khususnya berisi daftar tempat-tempat yang akan di kunjungi, dan catatan rute perjalanan yang berisi informasi untuk seorang traveler untuk mengeksplor suatu tempat… 375 more words

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With guest author Atlanta Jackson

When one thinks of, say, Harrods, they have a specific brand and image in mind. Surely writers can’t also have a brand? 476 more words


ITINs, Back Taxes, and Paper Trails

One of the best pieces of advice that can be given to immigrants who are undocumented is to create a paper trail of how they are spending their time in the US and to keep their paperwork as organized as possible. 600 more words

IRS Running Roughshod Over Taxpayers for Illegals?

Have you received your filing book and/or instructions (Publication 501 Cat. No. 15000U Exemptions,Standard Deduction, and Filing Information For use in preparing 2014 Returns… 69 more words

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OMG Smashwords!

So I uploaded my first novel Feet or Fins to Smashwords a week or so ago, but I keep getting formatting errors. First to do with the fact that I had change the 2010 word doc down to the 97-2003 version, but now for the last 3/4 times it has been to do with chapter bookmarks in the table of contents. 116 more words

Feet Or Fins