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Directions and orientation of medical images are indeed a very confusing problem, especially when you are trying to handle multiple images (then relative spacing becomes a concern). 376 more words


Congratulations to Inez Shiwak, Winner of the Inuit Recognition Award

Written by Sherilee Harper

The Inuit Recognition Award is a national prize that recognizes Inuit who are making strong efforts towards meaningful Inuit involvement in Arctic research. 891 more words

Fast or First? Being right or being first in Social Media reporting

We have all read a badly written article or column in a tabloid, newspaper or online publication that has left us scratching our heads asking the question, “How was this even published?” In today’s society, everything revolves around the latest trend or being the first to spark off a trend and much is the same with news and its reporting. 879 more words

Taaskord imetamisest

Ma mõtlen, et vähemalt korra nädalas mõtleb iga värske ema, et ta teeb midagi valesti ja ta laps lõpetab halbade sõpradega kuskil halvas linnaosas tehes halbu asju. 542 more words

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Indigenous Traditional Knowledge: For Disaster Reduction Risk in DDMP

As disaster intensity has increased across the world, the number of people affected by them also has swelled. The way to deal with these unprecedented weather events also has to change, to be better prepared to deal with the changing face of disasters and to be able to withstand nature’s mercurial tantrums positively. 587 more words

Climate Change

Ja siia ilma saabus Jenni

26.08.2016 kell 14.00 sündis meie armas Jenni, oma kodus, õnnelikul 13. korrusel. Panen kirja, kuidas see kõik juhtus.

Reede algas nagu iga teinegi päev meil, Teet küsis, et kas peab tööle minema ja kuna mul mingit erilist tunnet polnud, siis tööle ta läks. 1,333 more words


39+4 ja ÄE visiit

Arvake, kes ei ole sünnitama hakanud? Ma olen viimased paar nädalat käinud ringi sellise moega, et no kohe-kohe, aga ei midagi. Nõnda ei pääsenud ma ka tänasest ämmaemanda visiidist. 541 more words