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Tuscany Adventure with #TuscanyNominate & Tuscany Now?

Mondays are always hard, no matter if you had a green smoothie this morning, went for a run, had a chilled weekend, or like Blasmin and Segrena, found themselves about London town at restaurant pop ups or downs (blog on this to come soon), dancing to jazz reggae at iconic Brixton establishment, Hootenany’s or partying with the crowds at… 414 more words

Yasmin Jaunbocus

Better Italia

Finding good Italian food can be tricky. Perhaps one day pasta will become a cheap foodstuff that we can buy and take home, giving normal people the chance to ruin Italian cuisine. 622 more words


An American Girl's Guide to Florence: Clubs

Sometimes the bar is not enough, you want to go all night and these are the spots to do it! Most of these are rather Americanized and very popular among the study abroad club but there are also plenty of Italian men that frequent as well (if that’s something you’re looking for which let’s be real we all kind of are so we can live the Lizzie McGuire dream) Tip: the drinks at the clubs are very strong which is great because you totally get your money’s worth but just be aware of that when you pregame. 301 more words


An American Girl's Guide to Florence: Bars

So let’s be real here going out is a huge part of studying abroad because after all, there isn’t that much studying going on which means lots of time for drinking. 307 more words


An American Girl's Guide to Florence: Gelato

Okay so for the real reason anyone goes to Italy…Gelato! For any skeptics out there Gelato is in fact very different to ice cream and in my opinion, far superior. 297 more words


[2015 May] 義大利米蘭-Milan EXPO夜間世博


而在世博開幕當天,就發生了暴力抗爭事件,反對EXPO的舉行, 所以在這狀況下,我們決定買Evening ticket去湊湊熱鬧,見見世面就好XD


先說明Evening Ticket夜間票,只要5歐元!對於想湊熱鬧的人真的很划算。 夜間票是從晚上7點之後開始入場,可以提前到會場,檢查隨身行李,他們入口是類似海關入關口的地方,大概會耗個半小時排隊檢查。


晚上的The tree of life的水舞燈光秀,分別於9點與10點各有一場表演,這個秀燈光跟音效都很不錯,值得一看!

購買票券的方式有很多,其實票券可以上網買就好,只是要先註冊帳號, 票券不用印出來,只要放在行動裝置上面,可以掃到QR code就好。

如果真的很懶的註冊,或是不想填個資,或是沒有行動裝置,可以到米蘭中央車站的Agenzia 365購買。 本來不知道可以用行動裝置掃QR Code,所以就在Agenzia 365購買,跟他們買票,他們會把票券印出來給你,櫃檯的服務人員英文都還可以,只是因為很少人購買,他們對於世博夜間票也不知道,所以很仔細的幫我確定相關規則,服務人員也很驚訝夜間票居然只要5歐元! 他們怕賣錯票,重複幫我確定了好幾遍XD… 20 more words