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Driving lessons from a preschool graduate

With the warm weather, we’ve pulled out the Power Wheels convertible. We bought it second-hand for Big Brother’s birthday, five years ago. He’s wanted to bring it outside since March. 516 more words


Tabir Waktu

Hari masih berselimut kabut musim penghujan. Bintik-bintik cahaya langit yang malu pada terangnya cahaya kota bersembunyi di balik awan yang berjalan tergesa. Terkadang terdengar daun yang jatuh, lalu berlarian diterpa angin yang membuat linu sendi-sendi lengan dan kaki. 1,427 more words


We got game - family style

Big Brother just finished his second season of playing organized basketball. He seems to have found a sport he loves. He’s pretty good at it, much better than at soccer. 490 more words


I get by with a little help from my sons

My boys are good helpers. Over the years, they’ve helped me do all sorts of useful things. They’ve helped me pull flowers from the garden so the weeds would have a chance to grow. 458 more words


Just put the ball through the hoop; it's that simple

The most recent video gaming system we have is a PlayStation 2 from around the turn of the century.  The older boys turn to it when they need a change from their small screen games.  486 more words