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He's such a "guy"

On trying to toss his old t-shirts…

“Don’t throw that away–I will use it when I work in the garden or on my truck.”

So yesterday he comes in wearing, what used to be a nice white souvenir t-shirt but is now filthy with dirt.   125 more words

It's A Guy Thing

NYC Top Comedy Choices for Friday 7/8/16

Hosts Mitra Jouhari, Catherine Cohen, and Patti Harrison “are three gals who just don’t get ‘guy stuff.’ They’ve invited comics to give them lectures on guy stuff so that they can finally fit in,” with tonight’s bearers of wisdom Kate Berlant (Netflix’s The Characters, MTV, IFC, CNN), Joe Pera (hilarious and genius deadpan stand-up; killer set on… 2,385 more words

Best New York Live Comedy Shows, Updated Daily

He ain't hungry, he's my brother

My boys must sense my parental skills are waning. Last week, Buster stepped in to help me overcome an impasse with Big Man. Not to be outdone at helping Daddy get some parenting accomplished, Big Man jumped in this time and hefted me over a hurdle with Buster. 498 more words


It has been 6 months since Kimberley and I have been in one another’s presence. The lack of physical contact that we crave has been enough to drive us mad! 136 more words


Make it work


  1. Be in one.
  3. Selflessness
  4. LOVE

To all those LDR pilgrims out there. Let’s talk. We have experienced what OUR long distance requires. 148 more words


You boys will make fine young cavemen someday

I think there are studies suggesting little girls are generally more articulate than little boys. I can’t verify the existence of these studies because thoroughly researched facts have no place in this blog. 487 more words


And it was love.

Find yourself.

I had a dream. I chased it. Tried it. Made mistakes. I failed. But I didn’t really fail. I returned home knowing that the dream I thought I wanted… actually wasn’t for me. 262 more words