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The Time I Didn't Stop in To'hajilee

As someone who has lived in the Northeast and South Florida, New Mexico showed me a part of the heartbeat of this beautifully diverse country that previously seemed out of reach. 477 more words

It's A Wanderous Life

The Pros and Cons of Selling Your Stuff

Whether you’re considering getting rid of some of your stuff because you need to downsize (like us), because you need a little extra cash (also like us), or simply because you want to declutter, there is more than one way to eliminate your excess belongings. 1,460 more words

It's A Wanderous Life

Swap.com Will Sell Your Clothes for You

I found Swap.com because I love selling gently used and new clothing. Admittedly, I’ve never been much of a fashionista myself, though I do love wearing cute outfits when the occasion calls for it. 732 more words

It's A Wanderous Life

Snow Day

Just a short post to say that we took a day off from the gym due to the snow and freezing temps. Tried to eat healthily and not sit too long each day. 13 more words

It's A Wanderous Life

6 Realities of Having a Yard Sale

When we decided to take on the tiny living lifestyle, we knew we had to get rid of a lot of stuff.  We’d managed to fill up our two story, three bedroom home with a large basement, collecting all kinds of things, from hundreds of books to drawers full of clothing to an eclectic mix of meaningful and personal decorations and knick knacks. 973 more words

It's A Wanderous Life

the New You, Day 2

Since we started out the New Year exercise routine early, I got a little behind on posting the exercises. Remember, change isn’t easy, but anything worth having is worth working hard for. 230 more words

It's A Wanderous Life

The 7 Easiest Pieces of Advice About Money I Wish I Could Tell My 21-Year-Old Self


It brings people together. It pulls them apart. It “isn’t everything” and “doesn’t buy happiness,” but it is “the root of all evil.” And it sure does matter.

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It's A Wanderous Life