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Interesting phrase. You can read it and actually get two different thoughts. Are we talking about Time itself or are we making a statement about an EXPECTATION of SOMEONE Who PROMISED to COME SOON? 698 more words


2015 It's About Time Scholarship... It's Here!!

I love this time of year. The holidays are settled down, people are still glowing from post-eggnog bliss, and the mail room is bustling with entries for my company’s annual scholarship. 336 more words


Silver Lining, It's About Time

Yes, the ceiling wallboard is hanging by a thread thanks to copious applications of duct tape. Help has been summoned, though the work will be delayed until after the holidays. 148 more words

Shameless Promotion


Quiet day, waking up to my own confusion, confused about myself. Ironic is that it was Laphroaig to remind me of what it is.

No gas at home, power check at SW30, paint job begins, left knee pain is gone, made myself a Blue Mountain, slowly pulling myself together, coming back to senses, returning to reality. 12 more words

A War

It's Time

So welcome to my first official blog post. I say “official” because I have written on a blog forum under a pen name, then I shut it down because I become afraid of being exposed. 570 more words


It’s About Time: Project Omar, Part One

Hey, have you guys heard of this show called The Wire? It was on HBO like a bajillion years ago. Just discovered it, and I can’t believe no one’s talking about it yet. 1,209 more words