Our It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Moment

Whenever I sit back and think about my college days, I only have fond memories of the blurry haze that it was. I was just going through some old pictures and found one particular one that reminded me of the most hilarious moment of my time spent there. 1,173 more words

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Karate and Friendship

Because this needs to be a real musical. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia never lets you down.


Reel Quick: The Nightmare

The Nightmare (2015)


Directed by: Rodney Ascher (The ABCs of Death, Room 237)

Synopsis: Documentary focusing on the recounts and horrors of people who have or still have experiences of sleep paralysis.  1,402 more words

Reel Quick


Happy Pride Month!

The entire cast of the TV series, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, was at the Los Angeles Pride Parade today.

We’re with you. 81 more words