What's On Tonight: Richard Dreyfuss Is Bernie Madoff And The 'It's Always Sunny' Gang Is Rockin' The Suburbs

Madoff (ABC, 8 p.m.) — Richard Dreyfuss stars as the Michael Jordan of Ponzi schemes in this two-part made for TV special.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia… 364 more words


TV Tuesday: 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' - "Charlie Work"

I have watched every episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia up to the end of season 10 (hurry up Netflix!). It is an odd show but by God it is funny. 399 more words


Great Character # 5 - Charlie Kelly

If any of you were to spend any significant amount of time with me in real life you would learn one very obvious thing.

My friends and I are HUGE fans of the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.   698 more words


Reminder: Danny DeVito's 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Contract Has A Very Unusual Provision

The “official” story that Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton tell people about how Danny DeVito ended up on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is that ratings during the first season were so low that FX President John Landgraf… 202 more words


The Death of a Dream... in Philadelphia

The New Year was just two days old before my dream died.  Again.  The good news was that it made two days this time, which was officially a new record.   1,758 more words