When Women Out-Funny the Men on the Guys' Own Shows

Some people have said that women aren’t funny.  Perhaps those people haven’t seen shows like Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer, or The Mindy Project.  Perhaps those people are just brain dead.   647 more words


The 'Next' Seinfeld Has Already Been on TV for a Decade

There is perhaps no journey in the world of television more quixotic than the ceaseless quest to find the so-called “next” Seinfeld. Whether it’s one of the show’s anniversaries or a new series that appears poised to take up the mantle (RIP, … 1,087 more words

TV Dads who probably wouldn't win 'Best Dad'

Their TV offspring definitely aren’t fans, but as an audience, we love to hate them. In honor of this past weekend’s Fathers Day celebrations, here’s a tribute to 5 parents who would… 392 more words


Here's The Worst Life Advice Given By Mac On 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'

One of the charms of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is the complete lack of self-awareness exhibited by a group of characters that inexplicably trt to navigate their lives under the assumption that they know what the hell they’re doing. 537 more words


TV's top 5 'bottle' episodes: When one location is the best location

If you were to rank episodes of all television shows from best to worst, I am confident that a bottle episode will always be near the top, no matter what the show. 972 more words