How to Make the Most of Your Netflix Binge

It’s Saturday, you’re probably hung-over, wishing you were dead. While you recover, you curl up on your couch, under you’re favorite blanket, you’re probably setting yourself up for a long day of Netflix bingeing. 498 more words


Mac Lines For When You Really Do Mean Well

For the past 11 seasons of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Mac has worked tirelessly to be accepted. As the self-appointed Sheriff of Paddy’s Pub, played by show creator Rob McElhenney (who turns 39 on Thursday), Mac sees himself as imperative to the bar’s operations, both for his perceived physical strength and martial arts prowess. 796 more words


These TV Dad Mistakes Will Teach You How To Be A Better Parent

Maybe your favorite TV dad helped install a moral center in you, maybe he taught you that TV moms are always way out of the TV dad’s league in the looks department, or maybe he was a bastard, or a moron, or both. 980 more words


Ranking TV And Film's Best Bartenders For National Beer Day

There’s an old saying that goes, “Sometimes you meet someone that makes your life better — these people are called bartenders.” In films and on television, these characters have served to offer advice, friendship, or just a simple place to go and relax, usually as supporting players to the main characters (though there are exceptions to that rule). 982 more words


5 Made-Up Sitcom Games to Try This Weekend

True American From “New Girl”

This history-based game is 90% drinking game with a loose Candyland-like structure. Essentially you must drink your way across the furniture, and be the first to reach the castle and take a swig from the bottle. 613 more words

'Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Gets Record Renewal

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A TV comedy series set in Philadelphia gets a record tying two-season renewal at the FXX channel.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia was picked up at the FXX channel for two more seasons. 162 more words