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Early Brekkie?

This is the first time this year that I saw people having brekkie (or something) at the 24-hour Coffee Club (Orchard) at this hour! I’m pretty amazed. 69 more words

Daily Necessities


Sheesh. It’s already week 3 of the new term for the mainstream primary and secondary schools. I’m so looking forward to week 10 actually. :) The one week break would be good in the sense that it’ll free up my time a little. 85 more words

Brain Drain... Holy Smokes!

:) It's Thursday!

Gosh… Actually, the week did go by quite okay although I was grumbling on Monday that time seemed to crawl by. LOL!

It’s finally thursday and tomorrow’s Friday! 318 more words

Brain Drain... Holy Smokes!

Goodbye Timeout (aka Snickers)...

Having gone on course for the past three days, I came back to the office this morning to find that Timeout (whom I secretly like to call Snickers) has passed away. 119 more words

It's Called WORK

Curious about where I work?

Hmm… Actually, if people wanted to know what the school I’m at looks like, just watch the 9pm show on channel 8, My School Daze (or something like that, I cannot remember the name) or 书包太重 (er… at least this is what I think the Chinese title is). 127 more words

Daily Necessities

A string of events...

Yay~ I’ve finished the paperwork for the last module for this term. I’ve got a test exam tomorrow. Shessh. Past few days have been totally crazy. 307 more words

Daily Necessities