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Losing the Cool this Winter

Every winter is the same, complete with terrible circulation that is borderline Reynaud’s disease (my cheeks are selfish bastards that hog all of the blood and in turn, my toes and fingers turn white and pulse with a dull pain from lack thereof. 422 more words

When Beauty is Fleeting, No Plastics Necessary

With the constant reminiscing with friends of years past when you were prettier and life was easier, the washed up “has-beens” clinging to a glimmer of the fame they once held by masking their now bald heads with bandanas during a quest for love on a cable TV network whose only aim is to make them appear pathetic enough to illicit some laughs, and fat from your ass being injected into your face to wipe away evidence of a life of someone always quick to laugh; it seems that the general consensus is that one should avoid the inevitable that is aging for as long as modern medicine allows us to lie. 424 more words