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Pay as you go.

For once, I welcome our new legislative overlords.

With the athletic departments of Washington’s two biggest public colleges reporting budget deficits two years in a row, state Sen.

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It's Just Bidness

“I think, if we have that same commitment in football, we’ll have championship football teams.”

I linked to this Bloomberg piece the other day.  It paints a pretty horrendous picture of the finances of the Cal Berkeley athletic department.

By another measure, Cal sports are in big trouble.

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It's Just Bidness

“You’ve got all day to spend with football.”

Meet the Pacific Pro Football League, the latest attempt to come up with a new professional football league that attempts to fill in the gaps between college and the NFL. 564 more words

It's Just Bidness

Maybe that business model isn't quite dead yet.

You keep asking why ESPN shells out the big bucks for college football.  ESPN sees the answer in numbers like this:

Consider the St. Petersburg Bowl (formerly the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl) that took place at 11 a.m.

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A penny saved, a dollar borrowed

Do you ever get the feeling that players do a better job managing their money than certain academic institutions do?

It's Just Bidness

This is why he's called Dabo.

Coach Swinney has always subscribed to the “I got mine, don’t worry about his” school of thought when it comes to player compensation, so him coming out forcefully against players sitting out bowl games to prepare for the NFL draft is no real surprise, but you gotta love the logic to his thought process.  67 more words

It's Just Bidness

"So what is Alabama’s secret?"

You can, if you like, buy into the New York Times’ myth making and chalk it all up to Nick Saban being the college football epitome of Mr. 448 more words

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