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Be careful what you wish for, coaches.

My theory about how coaches feel about the issues roiling the NCAA and schools right now – primarily amateurism and unionization – is that the coaches don’t oppose the players’ interests out of a lack of sympathy (Dabo Swinney’s “they’re lucky to be here” attitude notwithstanding), so much as they don’t relish the potential threat to their control resolution of these issues might pose. 264 more words

It's Just Bidness

“People like to drink at football games.”

The math of selling beer at college football games is pretty simple.

In an era of seven-figure coaching salaries and demands for more resources for athletes, universities are always looking for ways to increase revenue.

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It's a fantasy, alright.

It looks like college sports has found its next crusade.

How to legislate the participation of collegiate athletes and staff in fantasy leagues turned into a hot-button topic Tuesday as NCAA Division I athletic directors met in Dallas.

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It's Just Bidness

Applying a business model to the gridiron

At some point, everyone is going to wake up to the reality that college sports is big business, which is starting to bring a whole new meaning to college prep… 378 more words

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ESPN has discovered the wide, wide world of sports gambling and the people running college football ain’t too happy about it.

“I don’t think those are things that ought to be a part of the presentation of college football, but maybe that’s the environment in which we find ourselves,” said Big 12 Conference commissioner Bob Bowlsby, adding that he was “quite sure that all of (the Big 12’s presidents and athletic directors) feel as I do that it’s inappropriate.”

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“The answer to the problem is not throwing money at it.”

Oh, noes!  College football administrators are in a tizzy again about spending money on student-athletes!

Funny how spending millions on coaching salaries for coaches they no longer employ, overdone facilities and their own effing salaries don’t generate such angst. 21 more words

It's Just Bidness