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Pay (each other) to play

This article about NCAA economics and the impact of paying student-athletes may be way over your head (hell, it’s way over mine in a lot of spots), but here’s the gist: 120 more words

It's Just Bidness

You know who's gonna have a great season?

No, Jimmy Sexton isn’t James Franklin’s agent.  But with the current crop of geniuses running athletic departments, ask yourself how much that matters.

By the way, it turns out… 47 more words

SEC Football

Forget about taking Econ 101.

What do you get when you ask a bunch of folks who teach Economics what would happen if colleges paid student-athletes?

Really, it shouldn’t be that hard to understand why the NCAA fights to preserve amateurism.


It's Just Bidness

Worth every penny

For those of you who have a genuine problem understanding why I go on at length about the unfairness of student-athlete compensation because, after all, money coming into the school is for the school’s benefit, let me introduce you to… 412 more words

It's Just Bidness

You know what's an unfair fight?

Your typical big school athletic director versus the likes of Jimmy Sexton.

Routinely, agents are fleecing big school athletic directors who, once they have zeroed in on their man, drastically overestimate the chance that he is such a wild success that he would be hired away by one of a few programs, while drastically underestimating the chance that the coach fails and will need to be fired.

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It's Just Bidness

"Welcome to the Historical Basketball League"

This appears to be an interesting experiment brewing.

Welcome to the Historical Basketball League, the first national basketball league for college students that will substantially compensate college athletes based on their athletic ability.

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It's Just Bidness

Talk about compensation, a brief history

It’s been around almost as long as college athletics have, which isn’t surprising when you think about it.

The idea of paying college athletes is really old.

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It's Just Bidness