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"They're becoming these public personas at these universities, and why not capitalize on that?"

The NCAA won’t let a student-athlete make money on his or her likeness, but there’s no rule against protecting them.

Like their counterparts in the pros, more college football stars are starting to snatch up trademark rights to their names, nicknames and fan slogans.

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It's Just Bidness

Old amateurism in new bottles

Yeah, this ought to go over well.

#Hokies DC Bud Foster said coaching staff will explore fining players money from cost-of-attendance funds as future disciplinary measure.

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It's Just Bidness

It's almost like they want us to stay home and watch it on the tube.

Groo notes the rising cost of attendance.

Are fans showing some sensitivity to price? While Georgia fans can buy a 7-game season slate of home tickets for $315, it’ll cost nearly that much just to attend the three games mentioned above.

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It's Just Bidness

Amateurs at amateurism

Well, with COA and unlimited food budgets, college athletic departments are off to the races providing their student-athletes with sensible financial support.

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It's Just Bidness

Just your typical student

Part of college football’s power over us comes from what I call the romance of amateurism, the idea that the kids we see on television and cheer on in our stadiums are in school for the same reason our next-door neighbor’s son is, and that, outside of those game days when we connect with them, they lead the same lives.   841 more words

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“Yeah, anytime I can get a little bit more money in pocket, it is exciting.”

Several Georgia players are included in the class action group scheduled to receive payment from EA Sports for use of their likenesses in its NCAA Football… 151 more words

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"Would you be willing to pay $25 or so per month for ESPN?"

Andy Staples looks at how college football broadcasts will be delivered to consumers in the future and asks a lot of questions that the people running the P5 conferences ought to be asking themselves today… 139 more words

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