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My 1st Official Webinar is coming!

I’d like to take a moment to discuss why I even have a webinar series! I really do get inboxes on Facebook quite often of women asking for help and ideas about growing their business. 140 more words


The Ethics Sage Argues for One Set of Ethics

The Ethics Sage Argues for One Set of Ethics

One of the problems we who teach business ethics have to deal with is the idea that there is a separation between business ethics and personal ethics. 544 more words

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Man Sells Unconditional Love on Craigslist for $0

Vancouver man, Brice Royer, who is battling cancer, is selling something amazing.

In the second most expensive city in the world, what Royer is selling is his most prized possession and one of the hottest commodities in the world – unconditional love. 1,590 more words


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Hi EveryOnes, This Blog and Its Concepts are Wonderful, (Spiritually) Revolutionary, Speak to/of my Own Heart's Hope for Humanity, and Absolutely Deserve to be Re-Blogged. I'll Add my Own US$0.00 (Zero) Unconditional Love Real Estate Sale to It, the only Change I'll Add is that It's not only our Planet that's for "Sale"--Also Included are All Planets in our Solar System, Other Solar Systems in our Galaxy, Other Timelines, Other Dimensions, other Space/Time Continuums. All we must Do for "Purchasing," is Send out Daily, Minute Thoughts of Pure, Unconditional Love--and Mean It! How? Apply The following Ingredients into Your Daily Mindset: "Express Unconditional Acceptance to your least-liked Person; Walk a Mile in the Shoes of Anyone Whom You find Yoursef Judging; Finally: Apply a Policy of Non-Interference, unless Specifically Asked for Help. I call these: "The Tripod Concept," and for 25 yrs., have been striving to Apply them, in All Aspects, (albeit, many times failing miserably...). The Point is To Never Quit Striving Applying Unconditional Love in *All* your Interactions. After all, Isn't this The Most Basic of All Human Needs? _____ PS. The Same Applies to Business Dealings! Please, Lets Do Away with the: "It's Just Business; you Understand..." awfull Excuse, once and for all (on this note an excellent book to Read is: "The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community," by David C. Korten). My (Unconditional) Love To All! Namastè,

Bike Messengers: First Person POV

Lucas Brunelle’s trailer for his film on bike messenger races and culture. I never participated in races, but the in-traffic riding in here captures my experience exactly. 90 more words

It's Just Business

Scattergories™, Bible Students, and Really?

If you’re not familiar with Scattegories™, it’s a fun little game wherein all players have a common list of descriptions, a die is rolled to choose a letter of the English alphabet, and within an amount of time (determined by the provided device) all players must write a word that begins with the given letter and matches each description. 1,775 more words

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Make Love Not War

“Its just business so don’t take it personally.”  If anyone ever says that to you, be it colleague, friend, prospective partner or family member…run!  Anyone who lives by this “acceptable” creed will do the exact same thing in their personal life.   286 more words


Change is changing

“People don’t look at their watches to see what time it is,” someone once told me “they look to see what time it isn’t.” Ever since then I have been surprised how true this is. 289 more words

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