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Reaching for "50" - The Journey

So…in my never-ending search for peace, clarity and focus…I am on a new mission!  And with feverish determination…I am inviting you along for the ride. 815 more words

My Sunday Photo - June 10th, 2018.

I’m not here. Well, I am. Sort of. Half here, anyway. It’s my birthday today and we are out in the wilds with limited internet so please forgive me if I don’t respond to your comments until later. 140 more words


My Jesus year

Today I turned 33. Same age Jesus was when he died. Apparently, that is referred to as the Jesus year. So this year is my Jesus year, and I am that much more grateful for the sacrifice God made. 101 more words


It's my birthday!

Yeah well, It’s my birthday so whaaat,
Like yours, mine too falls every year pal,
But you only get a day to say,
Just 24hrs, to show you care. 160 more words


26th Birthday Celebrations

It was my birthday on Monday! You may have noticed. 😁 I promise this is the last post you’ll hear about it… until next year. Muahahaha! 1,545 more words

About Me

26 Accomplishments Before 26

It’s my 26th birthday tomorrow; the special “champagne birthday.” I don’t have much planned, just a few days off, a couple escape rooms with friends and family today, and dinner at my favourite restaurant, The Old Spaghetti Factory. 494 more words