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The Dread Talk Relationships

The title is a play on my favorite movie The Princess Bride and the “Dread Pirate Roberts.” Something about numerous people taking on a single role in succession just reminded me of relationships. 27 more words


I Want You To Look At Me And Just Know

I want us to meet soon. I want you to look at me and just know.

 could say the same for myself, but I’ll probably take the hard road
 and fight my feelings for you every step of the way. 440 more words

Finished things and knitting breakups

Winter well and truly struck Melbourne a few weeks ago. This left me in a bit of a state as I needed warm woolly things to help combat frozen over bus shelters immediately! 459 more words

Lessons of a limitless Wonderer

3 AM I woke panting…gasping for my breath for 5 seconds, I can’t move. It does not usually happen to me so I gather my strength and tried as hard as I could to stay calm. 569 more words

It's Not You It's Me

I've been walking a lot lately.

Now that the weather has been consistently nice, I’m trying to do more walking. My weight loss has hit a hard plateau, and it needs a kickstart. 685 more words

Alex Lahey Made the Perfect Response Song for Its-Not-You-Its-Me

For all those times that you faced that hackneyed “it’s not you, it’s me” excuse, you can blast it out of your system with Alex Lahey’s “You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me.” The Melbourne-based indie rocktress shared the pop-glazed garage ballad as a teaser for her upcoming debut EP. 82 more words


Way to start 2016

If you set your eyes in the Lord you will not worry about anything at all. I felt a lump on my right foot and decided to let it checked. 114 more words

It's Not You It's Me