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It's okay to have little hurdles in your life that can stop you in your tracks

I thought I would share a couple of little hurdles that I come across on a daily basis, things that are completely mundane but can have the power to completely stop you in your tracks. 624 more words


It's okay to feel like you are battling with your mind.

I’ve been pretty good the last few weeks, part of this is because I have been so busy, another part is because my thinking has changed a lot and I’m being a lot more positive. 382 more words


It's okay to change your thinking.

It’s been almost two weeks since my first CBT appointment and I’m feeling really good about things. This time round things have changed. My anxiety is no longer about a specific thing, it’s a lot more generalised. 500 more words


It's okay that people don't always say the right things.

I can’t stop thinking about something someone said to me three days ago. It was an off the cuff comment by someone who doesn’t really understand what I have been through. 496 more words


It's okay to have a good day

Sometimes I find myself checking myself when I’m in the shower. Checking my head and my chest to see if those familiar anxiety signs are there. 407 more words


It's okay to not be positive

Stay positive. Try to be positive.

Think of the good things.

These are all variations of the advice I have received on the topic of dealing with my anxiety. 351 more words


It's okay to have no idea how to blog. I think.

So I’m going to do what it tells me to do for my first blog post because I don’t like being wrong or getting things wrong. 316 more words