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The Rainy Week

I started last week by scheduling my jogs for the week.

I didn’t take into account the weather. It was supposed to rain all week. I was optimistic that it wouldn’t? 492 more words

Three To Do While Driving (2015)

1. Watch speed.
2. Pay attention.
3. Listen to Irma Thomas.
It’s Raining & Breakaway.


this coat is not waterproof

in case someone wants to cross
at the crossing
no one wants to cross
it keeps going

Second Day Success

I stayed true to my schedule/goals and went for a jog this morning,. It was drizzling, but the drizzle became rain while I was jogging. I ended up very wet, but it wasn’t bad. 321 more words

Its Raining Today

Check it out.. We got some much needed rain!

It’s Raining in SoCal

JavaScript required to play It’s Raining in SoCal. 104 more words

2014 MAMAs [Special Feature: 2 of 17]

Day 2 –

Best Male Artist Nominee: Bi-Rain (Jung Jihoon)

3 Facts:

  • Rain is an award winning singer-songwriter, music producer, and actor with over 100 awards since his debut in 2002…
  • 109 more words

This Is Water (Rain)

On Monday morning, I felt rather proud of myself, because I managed to catch the 7:13 bus for the first time ever (as opposed to my usual 7:20 bus). 648 more words