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고고보이스 ~ 비가 내리네

GOGOBOYS, “It’s Raining”

I might have talked before about how the GoGoBoy’s live performances differ vastly from the music videos they have on YouTube. Their music videos are typically more laid back indie type songs, whereas their gigs are pure energy that channel punk rock groups like… 303 more words


Waiting for the Storm to Pass

My eyes
Mirror the sky

If it is rainy,
I am gloomy

If the stars are twinkling, 
I will be happy

If it is sunny,
I too, 

I've never liked the rain
I do, however, appreciate the petrichor
The smell of the earth after the rain

Unlike many, I do not find peace in the rain
Thunder terrifies me

But I'd pick your rain over anyone else's sunshine, anyday.

Tut, Tut, It' Looks Like Rain!

Um…Me thinks it’s going to rain….

…and then it did…a lot…like 2″.


It's raining

It’s a rainy day… and I have to work tonight…

I am working on my quilt before I go in…

I got my strips organized to make more.. 25 more words


We Got Rain - May 7, 2017

We are getting some much needed rain here in SoCal this afternoon.