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Body Slams and Hard Cams

Cross posted on The Dominate Wrestling fancast main site

I just got my mind blown by Cage versus Willie Mack in the opening match of the season finale of… 447 more words

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ISR2M: Unboxing my Shop Zone super crazy on sale items

We love Wrestling here at It’s Still Real to Me so when we spot a deal to score some cheap WWE merch we take full advantage.  45 more words

It's Still Real To Me

ISR2M Special Report - Money in the Bank preview and predictions


Well its been 2 weeks so time for another PPV.  That being said its also time for another preview and predictions podcast from Harmon and I from It’s Still Real to Me. 16 more words

It's Still Real To Me

What is NXT really?


What is NXT really?  HHH will tell you it’s WWE’s developmental system but Harmon and I aren’t buying it.  We have a discussion about what we think it was and what it is now.  46 more words

It's Still Real To Me

WWE Pay Per Views: Too Much of a Good Thing

Sometimes in life you have to ask yourself questions like “is the juice worth the squeeze?” or “When is enough, enough?” or even “Can I just get a little space?” 879 more words

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