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Before heading back to Tokyo, I checked the tide charts and headed out to Miyajima, which is home to the famous Itsukushima-jinja, a Shinto shrine dating back as far as the 6th century and home to the floating torii (hence the need to check the tide charts). 428 more words


The beautiful side of Hiroshima


The city centre of Hiroshima with its A-bomb memorials and museums is sad (click here to read my previous post on the topic), but there is more to Hiroshima than the city centre and sadness. 820 more words

Japanese Food

Momiji and Miyajima

Today I’d like to tell you about Miyajima, the third and final destination on my Fall 2013 trip to Hiroshima and Iwakuni.

Fall 2013!!!! Wow. 726 more words



Almost an hour outside Hiroshima, first by train and then by boat, lies Itsukushima Island, commonly referred to as Miyajima, or Shrine Island. 392 more words


Japan Day 11: Hiroshima Day 3, Miyajima (06/04/2015)

The result of our discussions last night was that we would visit Miyajima, “Shrine Island”, more correctly called Itsukushima, today. The low cloud and drizzle that greeted us this morning is not ideal for this trip, but this would be our only opportunity to make it so we set out in hope. 2,170 more words


Adam's Fun Facts: Velociraptors, Amish, Illegal To Die & More

Where is it illegal to DIE?  What is the truth about the velociraptors? How much revenue do donuts make up for at Dunkin’ Donuts?  All this and more with Adam’s Fun Facts: 107 more words


The heron of Miyajima's bay by markusschilder

Miyajima, world famous for its Itsukushima shrine and its Torii has another, not often spoken about speciality: herons.

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