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Okonomiyaki – Hiroshima style

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese dish that is barely known abroad, it is associated in particular with the Kansai and Hiroshima regions and seems to be hugely popular. 287 more words


Shima ga taberu

With so many takeaway stalls available in Itsukushima town I was in grazing heaven when wandering around exploring the nooks and crannies of this pretty little town. 359 more words


Eel or oysters

There is a restaurant in Miyajimaguchi specialising in anago-meshi a local dish of broiled conger eel on rice. Unsurprisingly the restaurant is very busy and is full when I try to secure a table, on the upside they sell beautiful takeaway boxes prepared fresh for day trippers to Itsukushima. 217 more words



Itsukushima is the name of the island commonly known as Miyajima, just 20 minutes by ferry from Miyajimaguchi. Itsukushima is a lovely place to visit, with many temples and shrines, the much photographed Tori gate and a few walking routes through the virgin forest that covers the entire island. 518 more words


Cross country

After completing the 380km trek from Nara to Miyajimaguchi on the slow train network I really am in awe of the Japanese rail system. I had bought a regional rail pass that didn’t extend to the super fast Shinkansen bullet trains, meaning I was stuck on the local trains, unless I wanted to fork out a whole lot more cash. 339 more words


Family trip: Miyajima and Hiroshima

When last we left our intrepid travelers, they had just wrapped up a day and a half in Kyoto. On the 19th, we headed west again, stopping in Hiroshima. 362 more words

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Chuugoku 1: Iwakuni and Yamaguchi

I left my job at the end of March, and as I don’t start my new one until the end of April I had a few weeks off to fill. 360 more words

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