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Miyajima is a small island off the coast of Japan and can be reached by ferry from Miyajimaguchi, which is a short train ride from Hiroshima. 721 more words


LET’S SEE: Hiroshima (Part Two)

So last time, we covered the obvious draws of Hiroshima: the area in and around the Peace Park and the Memorial Museum. But as is apparent to anyone who travels from Hiroshima Station to the Park, Hiroshima is a big city with a lot more to see and do. 1,018 more words

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Field Report: Walking to the summit of Mount Misen, Miyajima, Japan (17 November 2016)

For some, it’s the journey; for others, it’s the destination. And for those of us who choose to stand in the blissful middle, there’s the phenomenal satisfaction of enjoying the complete experience, from the roots of the mountain to its peak and back. 1,576 more words


Hiroshima & Itsukushima

It was important to us to take a trip to Hiroshima while in Japan, so we spent half a day there on our way to Itsukushima. 202 more words

Miyajima / Itsukushima

Miyajima (also known as  “Itsukushima”) is a small island located close to Hiroshima, and with its giant wooden torii, the world heritage site happens to be one of Japan´s most well-known and beautiful spots you can possibly imagine. 786 more words


Miyajima and Making Deer Friends

On a cool day in October, I stood on the starboard side of a ferry that was slicing slowly through the rolling waves, wind tossing my hair about wildly. 499 more words


Field Report: An autumn stroll in Miyajima, Japan (17 November 2016)

Hiroshima is probably best known for the various landmarks associated with the 1945 atomic bombing, but an island not far from the city offers some of the most rewarding sightseeing one can possibly hope for in this part of Japan. 1,337 more words