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#AfricansRising Endorsement of New Civil Society Movement | Diplomacy Opportunities

After two days of intense discussions, 272 delegates from 40 countries resolved to set up a new civil society network to tackle burning issues on the continent. 290 more words

A Turkish lesson for democrats everywhere

The latest snub to the rule of law in South Africa came this week with the sacking of SABC journalists by management in flagrant disregard of the ruling made by the Independent Communications Authority. 774 more words

Inside Labour Column

ITUC vs Qatar

During the last session of the ILO from May to June 2016 Geneva , UN bodies welcomed Qatar ‘s efforts to improve drastically and with billions of dollars daily millions of migrant workers. 37 more words

The best things come in threes: how a tripartite governing body sets the ILO apart from other United Nations agencies

By Winona Shaw

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) is a unique United Nations (UN) organisation because of the involvement of trade unions and employers organisations in its… 698 more words

New edition of W-Connect: positions, testimonies, practices on Labour Migration

Please click here to find the March 2016 edition of W-Connect, which is a first in two aspects. This newsletter has always had as a goal to share experiences between and from the WSM partners in Asia.  125 more words


UN should wake up to the threat of NGOs which abuse their power

The recent dissolution of ITUC-affiliated trade union centers in Kazakhstan by the authorities has once again highlighted the questionable practices by union bodies.

National Healthcare Workers’ Union and National Domestic Workers’ Union have been accused of breaching the terms and conditions for submitting documents for re-registration. 533 more words

الاتحاد الدولي لعمال السياحة و الفنادق - اهداء الي روح الزميل رفعت متولي

الاتحاد الدولى للصناعات الغذائية والزراعة والسياحة
والفنادق والدخان (IUF)

خلفية عن الاتحاد :-
أسس هذا الاتحاد فى عام 1920 نتيجة لدمج السكرتارية الدولية للعاملين فى مصانع الخمرة والعاملين فى المخابز والعاملين فى صناعة اللحوم ، بالاضافة الى المجموعات العمالية النقابية الاخرى التى التحقت بالاتحاد فيما بعد مثل الاتحاد الدولى للعاملين فى صناعة الدخان فى عام 1958 والاتحاد الدولى للعاملين فى السياحة والفنادق فى عام 1961 وأخيراً الاتحاد الدولى للعاملين فى قطاع الزراعـة . 31 more words

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