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Sikh24.com - England Church Given New Life As Sikh Gurdwara

ITV News

Sunderland, UK, 21 February 2015. A spectacular Victorian church has changed its religion and is converting to a Sikh temple in a two hundred thousand pound makeover. 49 more words


Couple's appeal to improve home for disabled daughter #Cambridgeshire

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A couple from Peterborough say they need to raise £7,000 to help upgrade their home for their disabled daughter – or they won’t get a £30,000 Government grant for the work. 60 more words

Spina Bifida

We've come a long way baby

A few days ago, Laura Keynes asked on Conservative Woman, “who wants to be the monster who denies the woman a chance of a healthy baby” while describing many of the problems with mitochondrial transfer – the technique which has just been approved by the House of Commons which paves the way forward for 3 parent babies. 1,611 more words


Live Blogging

Live blogging is now becoming more popular than ever before as it takes the readers ahead and it meets their changing preferences. Most importantly, the main idea behind live blogs, is to get readers in the story and to make them part of it. 348 more words


That Time I Was On TV... Again

So in this week’s episode of What Even Is My Life LOL, I was on the news!

ITV news, to be exact. And this time, it had nothing to do with my sister! 104 more words

Medical School Things