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Appointment #2

Well, I was supposed to go back to my fertility specialist on November 20th, but on November 16th, mother nature had other plans and forced the change. 670 more words


White Flag

Last night started out awesome. DH and I played some video games after long days at work and when I went to the bathroom later, I noticed a piece of uterine lining when I wiped. 230 more words

Baby Stuff

4. Truth

Do you want the truth about my infertility and how I’m doing with it? Do you wonder whats going on with ‘us’? Do you think about how I feel about all the pregnancies around me? 566 more words


Back in the two week wait

So I went back to the clinic on CD19 and by some miracle, my lining and follicle had grown really nicely and the clinic recommended triggering that day ready for insemination 2 days later. 382 more words


Cycle two

It’s been a bit of an odd cycle this month, everything has felt slightly later than usual and I don’t have a good feeling about the treatment. 341 more words


A faint positive and then a period

So I managed to wait until 9 days PO and I decided that I was going to test. I knew the chances of getting an accurate reading would be low, but I couldn’t concentrate on anything else and I thought that by testing, no matter what the result, it would put my mind at ease. 351 more words


The two week wait

You never know how long two weeks actually is until you spend it impatiently waiting for an answer. I’m only halfway through, just one week, yet it feels like a month must have gone by in this time. 200 more words