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Fit for fertility; 

As you would of read in my introduction we are completely ready to start a family. However I have to get fit for fertility first. Monday’s will be the weekly Weigh in days; I have to have a BMI of 30 or under according to my meeting with the doctor before I can get referred for IVF. 174 more words


Remembering who I was then and now

These last few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ve gotten where I’ve gotten. I have a tendency to get all nostalgic during the big events in my life and considering my transfer is 13 days away my mind has been on overload. 259 more words


Oh hey;

Welcome, Aloha. The Nias-Taylor’s do life; the title of our blog is quite self explanatory. This is our life and I’ve decided to share it with the big inter-web. 218 more words


Clomid Rage

So, I probably jinxed myself by saying Clomid is really easy on me. I have read stories on my FB support group of women being extremely emotional. 488 more words


My First Surgery

I updated on my Facebook page a short post about what happened and how the baby and I were doing. Since our blog is sort of our pregnancy journal, we wanted to update here as well with the whole story. 1,211 more words

So Tired!

So I sleep pretty well on the regular. I go to bed early, 930 or so and wake at 630, during the week for work. The weekend I don’t sleep much past 730 but don’t tend to stay up that much later than a weeknight. 202 more words


Best laparoscopy hospital in bangalore

How to Get Pregnant After a Laparoscopy?
#Step 1
Take appropriate care of your incision site. according to our Reproductive experts, the small incision may additionally weep clean or red tinged fluid for multiple days after the surgical treatment. 204 more words