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Danseur Ignoble: How Will I Survive??!!!!111oneoneoneoone

(Okay, yes, I’m making fun of my own internal histrionics, but seriously.)

Today I discovered that (perhaps unsurprisingly, given that The Mother Ship — AKA IU Bloomington, AKA IU Prime — has an excellent ballet program) we not only have access to an extensive library of books about ballet, but that most of them are available online, for free … as long as you’re an IU student. 110 more words



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On these walls I would like hang pictures about human artistic activity. Tengo una lista de cosas por las que el ser humano no merece desaparecer de este planeta. 554 more words

Albert García

Never a Dull Moment in Indiana

I had forgotten it was September 11th. So much for the “never forget” hashtags and Facebook statuses. As soon as the professor at the Indiana University Southeast campus made the announcement that a possible gunman had been spotted in the parking lot, I quickly remembered.The director of Americana Community Center, Edgardo, had suggested a week prior that I accompany him to his presentation about Americana. 867 more words


Conceptos de Ius, Fas, Iustitia, Aequitas, Iurisprudentia


Conjunto de reglas que rigen las relaciones entre individuos, para los romanos designa el derecho en el sentido subjetivo y objetivo, es el poder jurídico que pertenece a un sujeto de derecho en cierto momento. 127 more words

Derecho Romano

Birth Control is condemned in the Bible? (My Mirena Story)

I started using birth control 7 years ago. I was young and had no guidance whatsoever regarding relationships and sex. I was a virgin and entered a relationship that was not stable at all. 794 more words

Today I Spent My Birthday...

March 20

Today I Spent My Birthday… having a strange man guddling in my lady-bits. More on that later.

I’ve been awake most of my birthday. 1,732 more words

The Things Kids Say