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"Men have it so easy"

In my five years on the contraceptive pill, it never fully occurred to me the one-sided nature of contraception. Sure, men supposedly have to wrap it up before the love, but there really is no male equivalent to the multitude of hormonal and invasive contraceptives women are introduced to from their entrance into the world of  the female sexual experience; one where if any mistake is made, the responsibility of the clean-up falls entirely on the woman of the relationship (even with the support of a loving, caring partner). 1,427 more words

Salento, sindaca: "Dove nacque don Bello no sit-in leghisti anti ius soli". Insulti sessisti sui social

La prima cittadina di Alessano, Francesca Torsello ha negato il luogo dedicato a don Tonino Bello per la manifestazione di “Noi con Salvini”. “Irrispettosi i..

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Fall Press Day Results

For the fifth consecutive year, the CHS Legatus was named Division Three Yearbook of The Year at IUS’ Fall Press Day.

Over 400 student journalists attended the annual event held at Indiana University Southeast sponsored by the Department of Journalism. 227 more words

Welcome to the L363 Blog

This is a blog hosted and written by the Fall 2017 section of L363, American Drama, at Indiana University Southeast.

Here, you’ll find what we’re reading this week, posts by students about their research, and other content related to our course.

Getting an IUS fitted (Jaydess)

Having tried multiple forms of birth control, and discovering that I have a rather unpleasant reaction to latex, I began a quest to find a form of birth control which had the least nasty side effects. 582 more words

Birth Control

After Pine Ridge: A Reflection

The journey home from Pine Ridge was bittersweet. While the seven days spent at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation were packed full of health promotion, health education, and various cultural activities, I felt a need to do more. 3,451 more words