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Fall Press Day Results

For the fifth consecutive year, the CHS Legatus was named Division Three Yearbook of The Year at IUS’ Fall Press Day.

Over 400 student journalists attended the annual event held at Indiana University Southeast sponsored by the Department of Journalism. 227 more words

Welcome to the L363 Blog

This is a blog hosted and written by the Fall 2017 section of L363, American Drama, at Indiana University Southeast.

Here, you’ll find what we’re reading this week, posts by students about their research, and other content related to our course.

Getting an IUS fitted (Jaydess)

Having tried multiple forms of birth control, and discovering that I have a rather unpleasant reaction to latex, I began a quest to find a form of birth control which had the least nasty side effects. 582 more words

Birth Control

After Pine Ridge: A Reflection

The journey home from Pine Ridge was bittersweet. While the seven days spent at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation were packed full of health promotion, health education, and various cultural activities, I felt a need to do more. 3,451 more words

Day 6 at Pine Ridge: Shaken Uterus Syndrome and a Black Eye

Monday, August 7, 2017

We arrived at Singing Horse Trading Post sometime around 11:00 am. Rosie, Jordan, and Pamela were going to take half of us out to ride horses while the Jessica taught the other half of our group how to bead. 3,299 more words

Day 1 at Pine Ridge: Our Arrival

This past semester, I was given the option to do my community nursing clinical during the Spring semester (at some of the local area schools) or during the Summer. 1,044 more words

Which Method of Contraception is Right For You?

When you consider what contraception method to use, you might want to look beyond the pill. The four most effective methods of contraception are ‘use and forget’ that aim to fit in with your lifestyle and needs. 354 more words