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Looking At The Growth of Ambulatory Care Nursing

Within the past ten years we have seen a tremendous change in the way patients seek care. Patients are more technologically savvy, and expect answers and information much faster than before. 187 more words

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Evidence Based Medicine and The History Behind It

Evidence based medicine as we now know it has had an interesting and tumultuous history. Today it is viewed as the standards by which patient care should be developed; however, as recently as twenty years ago it was a very controversial topic. 604 more words

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Six Facts All About Nursing

Nursing is a diverse, challenging, and fast paced profession. Whether we are on the floor caring for patients, in an office managing a department or a process, or taking… 181 more words

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The 5 Best Uses of IV Therapy

Intravenous, or IV, therapy can be a quick and effective way of delivering medication or other necessary fluids to needy patients. Because of this, IV therapy has an enormous variety of uses. 346 more words

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Top News: #IVTherapy

Here are the top read news for #ivtherapy:

There’s a national shortage of saline solution. Yeah, we’re talking salt water. Huh?:

There are few drugs as useful and as widely used in healthcare as normal saline. 349 more words

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IV Therapy - the latest health fad?

Lately I’ve seen increasing news about IVtherapy services on several social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Look it up using the hashtag #ivtherapy. You might be surprised to find many celebrities, athletes, models, general public and advertisements talking about getting IVtherapy, not because they are ill but for “out of the box” reasons like, hangover, dehydration, or a boost of high dose Vitamin C, nutritional supplements, cocktails and others. 901 more words

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Patient Safety Goals – Ambulatory Care Nursing

The Joint Commission for Health Care Accreditation recently released their 2015 list of patient safety goals. The patient safety goal list is an annual compilation of items that have been identified as prone to errors and the goal of the list is to promote attention to these elements. 310 more words

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