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Why using intravenous therapy

They are medical solutions that help the body get rid of those toxins and maintain performance at its highest level.

It is essential to realize that body is accumulating free-radicals and peroxides naturally. 358 more words

Why using intravenous therapy

The IV drips for athletes are doctor-formulated solutions to acquire eliminate those toxins and also keeping your speed and agility with the highest level.

To be honest our body starts accumulating free radicals and peroxides in a natural way that strongly impact the immune system along with other cells like those who are in the brain, as an example. 313 more words

Does IV therapy really cure hangovers? 

Listen, we’ve all over done it. Took that whole party like a rock star thing a little too seriously. I may or may not have just overdone it this past Sunday… 247 more words

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I Am THAT Sick. 

“Do you feel like you have quality of life?” was something asked by my palliative care nurse yesterday. Honestly, who could call this tube and machine attached to me “quality?” 696 more words

Pulmonary Hypertension

The Spring Cold and Flu Season

by Dr. Brooke Azie-Rentz
The holidays have come and gone and Spring is in the air, but the cold and flu season is going full steam ahead, and it is bad this year.  468 more words

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IV Vitamin C for Cancer Care

*Modified from OICC Patient Resource*

What is intravenous vitamin C (IVC)?

High doses of vitamin C are administered via an intravenous (IV) drip. The IV route allows much larger concentrations of vitamin C to circulate in the blood than is possible by taking oral vitamin C supplements. 572 more words

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