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Ivan Illich on Water and the History of the Senses (1984)

I’m prepping for what looks to be an excellent conference on water and ethics in Wisconsin this spring. Here is an interesting talk (thanks to dmf for sending it along!).

Rethinking Disability on Screen


Details of a one day workshop on the portrayal of disability on screen. Includes three films including an Australian documentary on reclaiming managing death from multinational funeral undertakers.


Professionals and Rituals

Not too many words this time.

Just some images. Teachers receiving some professional development from a consultant!

No wonder so many teachers burn out… all that eye and mind zapping! 54 more words


BK's YouTube Picks: The Pinky Show

Last year while studying educational theory, one of our lecturers showed us this video. Ivan Illich’s book Deschooling Society was probably one of the few uni books I actually read from cover to cover last year. 373 more words

BK's YouTube Picks


A little scene. The “unschooled” children wear masks they make as they run around being delinquent. (they wear hoodie hoods as well)

The Corps doesn’t really think much of the masks, just the “unschooled” acting wild. 94 more words


Week 15: Reflecting on practice

A fellow trainee asked me recently:

“What are you writing your blog for?”

It’s a good question, and one which I have several answers for:

425 more words