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Attraversare il mondo pedalando

“Le tentazioni alla passività, che molti individui subiscono nella relazione con i vari mezzi di comunicazione, svaniscono non appena si mettono in sella; diventano responsabili di loro stessi e ne sono subito consapevoli. 815 more words


School is the advertising agency which makes you believe that you need the society as it is.

Ivan Illich

Skill Exchange

I loved the proposed makes for this week, so of course I did something different.  In my own defense, I posted in the theme of Sara’s suggestion… 1,237 more words

New Media Seminar

Landasan Teoretis “Deschooling” dan Beberapa Penerapannya (1)

Moh. Syahrul Zaky Romadhoni

A. Latar Belakang
Masa 1970-an ditandai dengan lahirnya aliran filsafat posmodernisme (selanjutnya disingkat posmo) yang awalnya berkembang di dunia arsitektur. Aliran ini masuk ke dalam dunia pemikiran filsafat dan langsung mencancap pengaruhnya ke disiplin-disiplin ilmu yang bergantung pada perkembangan pemikiran filsafat seperti pendidikan, ekonomi, kebudayaan, dan lain sebagainya. 1,319 more words

Filsafat Pendidikan

Shattering Silence of Peace (3)

. . . aren’t the new dead everywhere, on all sides, in every nation? Should I harden myself against the Russians because there are Jews, against the Chinese because they are far away, against the Germans because they are possessed by the devil?

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Shattering Silence of Peace (2)

The basic ontogenetic insecurity of males, beginning in the womb amid the mother’s threatening female hormones, is matched by their phylogenetic insecurity. Males are expendable for the good of the species.

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Crop Circles, Bigfoot and the Death of Scottish Labour

By Mike Small

Douglas Alexander is the head of Labour’s election strategy. He’s worried about where people get their news from.

Speaking at a Labourlist event in central London, Douglas Alexander yesterday betrayed an extraordinary degree of self-denial in his analysis of the political change of the past few years. 828 more words