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Survival in Justice

Reading Ivan Illich is an intellectually and morally challenging business. Below are two excerpts from Tools for Conviviality. I offer them to you for your consideration. 475 more words


Frustrating Affluence

Modernized poverty appears when the intensity of market dependence reaches a certain threshold. Subjectively, it is the experience of frustrating affluence that occurs in persons mutilated by their reliance on the riches of industrial productivity. 220 more words

Ivan Illich

“İnsan Varoluşu Nasıl Bu Kadar Boktanlaştı” Hususunda Sayın Bay Ivan Illich’ten Bir Kuple

İlk Yayın Tarihi:  05/03/2015

Çeviride zımparalanması gereken çok yer var, ama metin muhteşem. Dikkat buyrun: Sene 1978.


Fabrikasyon ürünler kültürüne doğru

Kalkınma, tüm toplumlarda aynı etkiyi yarattı. 4,632 more words


"Deschooling Society:" An Alternate Approach to Education, Institution, and Consumption

Hello, dear reader. Winter’s in full swing here in Ontario, and I have to be completely honest: gathering the motivation to write has been a challenge. 1,220 more words

Ivan Illich on Technology and Labor

From Ivan Ilich’s Tools for Conviviality (1973), a book that emerged out of conversations at The Center for Intercultural Documentation (CIDOC) in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

For a hundred years we have tried to make machines work for men and to school men for life in their service.

296 more words

Lights Out, La Viña

Not so very long ago I watched the celebrity chef Rick Stein’s Long Weekend programme filmed in my old stamping ground of Cádiz. A standout point for many viewers was the scene filmed in my old local, … 847 more words

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Are there alternative trajectories of technological development? A political ecology perspective

by Vasilis Kostakis*

Alternative technological systems could develop through the confluence of digital commons, peer-to-peer relations and local manufacturing capacity – but we need the integration of a political ecology perspective to face and overcome the challenges this transition implies… 726 more words