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Recommended reading list for educators

How Children Fail by John Holt – published in 1964, but still a very useful read. The whole book is built on observations of what children do to get through what’s asked of them in the typical classroom–often coping strategies rather than real problem solving, and the ways teachers interfere with the process of the development and use of of intelligence in the classroom. 610 more words


Pimps and Pushers

I am interrupting my series on “Sanctifying Life” with this brief (for me) post, to get it off my chest and desk (or at least computer). 1,474 more words


On Alternative Thoughts and Models in Education

A quick look into the educational thought of Paulo Friere and Ivan Illich among others. By MUHAMMED NOUSHAD.

Paulo Friere did not have to read the abridged children’s version of Les Miserables from his school text books. 1,394 more words


90. Spoiling the ship for a ha'p'orth of warhead.

Keeping the doctor away: one apple and three bottles of Cipramil.

2016 is turning out to be the year of the internal saboteur, but the abbreviation I.S. 1,349 more words


Getting to Hogwarts: Michael Oakeshott, Ivan Illich, and J.K. Rowling on ‘School’

Oakeshott’s words were prescient and remains salient as ever

The world in which many children now grow up is crowded, not necessarily with occupants and not at all with memorable experiences, but with happenings; it is a ceaseless flow of seductive trivialities which invoke neither reflection nor choice but instant participation.

509 more words
Michael Oakeshott

Do we really believe that figure of 89.9%?


Ivan Nizgorayev

If you have confidence in that figure of 89.9%, you might as well believe in numerology, sorcery or conspiracies.

Over 80% of citizens support Putin even while berating local authorities and complaining about harsh living conditions. 699 more words


"some hearts are built on the flood plain"

For some reason, Fall is not complete for me without giant bonfires and hayrack rides, God seems to always provide them for this country-turned-city girl, year after year, He provides for even the weirdest needs. 423 more words