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Deschooling (de-institutionalizing) Society

The institutionalization of education tends towards the institutionalization of society and that ideas for de-institutionalizing education may be a starting point for a de-institutionalized society.

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I proprietari del sistema monetario internazionale

Spunto per un invito a cena, di Marco Turra Faoro, Oaxaca, 21 marzo 2016

Un aspetto sottovalutato dell’attuale crisi é l’esistenza di alcune persone e famiglie per le quali la motivazione di accumulare piú e piú dinero, non é per diventare sempre piú e piú ricche di soldi, ma bensí per sottrarlo alla comunitá, impoverendola. 490 more words

Breaking our addiction to buying stuff

This year for lent I am planning to bake forty loaves of bread.

The idea came to me as I was thinking about being more intentional and thoughtful in my observance of Lent and after realizing an old room-mate had left around 2kg of flour behind when he moved out in early January. 1,030 more words

Pastors In Exile

"De-schooling Society"? Quotes from Ivan Illich

10 Provocative Quotes from Ivan Illich’s “Deschooling Society”

By Daniel Lattier / intellectualtakeout.org

Ivan Illich’s groundbreaking book Deschooling Society (1971) offers a radical critique of the institutionalization of education within modern societies. 544 more words


Thinking Time, Drinking Time: A Beginner’s Thought (1)


Somewhere in the world it’s 3 o’clock

Time to get out of school and think

Somewhere in the world it’s 5pm

And quittin time means it’s time to drink…

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Recommended reading list for educators

How Children Fail by John Holt – published in 1964, but still a very useful read. The whole book is built on observations of what children do to get through what’s asked of them in the typical classroom–often coping strategies rather than real problem solving, and the ways teachers interfere with the process of the development and use of of intelligence in the classroom. 610 more words


Pimps and Pushers

I am interrupting my series on “Sanctifying Life” with this brief (for me) post, to get it off my chest and desk (or at least computer). 1,474 more words