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Fyodor Dostoevsky plaque, Wiesbaden, Germany

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And now back to Wiesbaden, Germany, where we are able to travel in our minds thanks to my wife Oksana Mysina, who shot these photos when she was on a theater tour there last fall. 1,099 more words

Memorial Plaques To Writers

Ringkasan Novela 'Cinta Pertama' (Первая любовь) - Ivan Turgenev

Saat itu Vladimir dan teman – temannya sedang bercerita tentang cinta pertama mereka. Di antara mereka, Vladimir adalah orang yang tidak pandai bercerita, namun Vladimir memiliki ide untuk menuliskan semua kisah cinta pertamanya. 304 more words


Alexander Herzen house and plaque, London

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Of all the places I could be today (save Chania, Crete), I think I would choose London. Maybe it’s the old blood burbling up in whatever is in me of my mother’s line. 1,264 more words

Memorial Plaques To Writers

What I've Been Reading: June Edition

It’s Monday, the universally most hated day of the week. At this point you can’t even see the weekend through all of the work yet to do, and it’s pretty discouraging, but we go through this week after week and somehow we make it through, and I don’t suppose this one will be any different. 626 more words


Tatyana Borissovna dan Keponakannya (Bag. I)

Dari Tatyana Borissovna and Her Nephew karya Ivan Turgenev

Pembaca yang baik hatinya, silakan ulurkan tanganmu dan ikut bersamaku. Cuaca saat ini sedang megah-megahnya. 1,437 more words


What you give you get back, sometimes from the closest people

Rarely people think about the consequences of their actions before they make them, or that things they give might come back. There’s nothing new in my previous sentence. 519 more words


The Song of Love Triumphant by Ivan Turgenev / Old Review

It’s not much of a secret that Ivan Turgenev is one of my favourite writers. I decided late last year that I would make my way through his novels, short stories and plays. 571 more words