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Here's A Good Retro Controller For PC Gaming

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Many cheap retro controllers look the part, but fall down when it comes down to build quality. Thankfully the iBuffalo classic USB gamepad doesn’t succumb to these issues. 141 more words


Mass killer Breivik says he has got 'stranger', more radical due to near-isolation in jail

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SKIEN (Reuters) – Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik said on Thursday (Jan 12) he felt he had become “stranger and stranger” and more radical in his right-wing views in jail and blamed it on near-isolation since he massacred 77 people in 2011. 415 more words

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Insight into Hong Kong’s tertiary education

Mr. Lim Soon Tiong (林顺忠先生), a graduate of the original Nanyang University of early Singapore (fondly known in Malaysia and Singapore as “Nanda”- 南洋大学) is a Malaysian who has made his many pots of gold in Hong Kong. 2,915 more words


I started learning piano in my twenties — one year on, here's how it went

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When I was about seven or eight, I went for a taster violin lesson at school. The idea was to get an idea for the instrument, and see if I wanted to learn properly. 1,813 more words


I Introduced My Mom To VR For Christmas And She Took It Like A Champ

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On Christmas evening, after the rest of our extended family had fled to their respective homes, I hooked up my Oculus Rift to the new Razer Blade Pro, pushed aside the plants and cat food bowl on the keeping room table and introduced my 70-year-old mother to virtual reality. 759 more words


Kirk Hamilton's Top 10 Games Of 2016

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A farmer, a hitman, and a little boy all walk into a bar. Everything’s moving in slow motion, so the bartender’s like, “Dishonored? 1,642 more words


The Unbearable Lightness of Lost Video Game Saves

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A few days ago, I accidentally deleted a batch of saved games. Collectively they represented a couple hundred hours’ worth of time spent playing a dozen or more games. 989 more words