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Paralegal hopes to be family lawyer

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Ms Sara Yang, 29, was overjoyed to be offered a place in SIM University’s undergraduate law course. “This is the chance I’ve been waiting for, for so many years,” said the legal manager at Peter Low LLC. 171 more words

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Is Rise of Iron the last and the least of Destiny’s expansions?

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You’d think a game wouldn’t still be able to disappoint me so much, two years after its initial release. After so long, I’ve either given up on a game or still find it immensely satisfying. 1,080 more words


A Look At Steam's Current Top Seller, Battlerite

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Battlerite is an absurd name for a game but never fear because it’s a really good game! It’s a team based action MOBA by Stunlock Studios in early access for the PC right now. 301 more words


This game from 2015 is better than anything I've played in 2016

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I didn’t get around to “The Witcher III” when it originally came out in 2015 because it was simply too intimidating. It was a massive game that could absorb my life if I wasn’t too careful. 1,163 more words


Anime that never gets old no matter how many times I've rewatched it

That is one long question!!!!. An interesting one though. Also I’m flying through these questions – already near the half way point. I still can’t believe that. 285 more words


World Of Warcraft: Legion Progress Report: Ever Questing

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Three weeks into World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion, and I’m still logging into my Druid every day to go on adventures. It’s nice when daily questing doesn’t mean doing the same quests ever day, isn’t it? 382 more words


Steam's Latest Hit: An Intense Spaceship Roguelike Called Everspace

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I warped into a new sector. I was immediately wowed by the pink and orange starscape ahead of me. It was like a cotton-candy sunset that spanned further than my puny ape brain could comprehend. 705 more words