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Effexor Xr

Ive been taking effexor xr for a few months. My dr just upped my dose to 300mg. I have read that people taking effexor have memory loss. 35 more words

Partial Hospitalization????

I m not sure where to post this, so I just put it here. As some of you know, ive been having a rough time lately. 86 more words

Im Proud

So for the past week, my anxiety has been up. Ive been pretty agoraphobic and haven t left home. Which is not normal for me. I m usually go go go. 76 more words

Things I’ve Learned: Oakley’s Greg Strokes on brand growth, “Session 1242″ and family life

Things I’ve Learned is a regular freeskier.com column that gives ski industry veterans the spotlight to share personal experiences and insight gained while working in the sport. 22 more words

Hi There, Im A Supporter. Kinda.

Hi there, ive been lurking and finally decided to post. Im married to a vet, a mom to a lovely 14 year old daughter, and a ptsd supporter– kinda. 85 more words

Ive Been An Adult All My Life. Im Tired Of Being An Adult.

Im flipping tired of being an adult. I ve been an adult all my life. I ve had worries all my life. I wasn t able to be a happy carefree unafraid child. 98 more words

Is This A Normal Flashback, Can Anyone Relate?

ive only had one flashback that I would describe as severe but it scared the f*cking shit out of me. I have some ptsd from being molested as a kid. 89 more words