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Ive Been An Adult All My Life. Im Tired Of Being An Adult.

Im flipping tired of being an adult. I ve been an adult all my life. I ve had worries all my life. I wasn t able to be a happy carefree unafraid child. 98 more words

Can't Seem To Eat...

So for the last Id say 4 months, possibly more, ive struggled with wanting to eat, going until 1am until I realized I havent eatten that day. 84 more words

January - What I've Learned

January has been a turn of events. There are things I wish I hadn’t done, but people i am immensely grateful for. the moral of the story is that you should never give up on the people that care about you. 228 more words


Nick Jonas: I've Done a Lot of Drugs & Had a LOT of Sex!

Have you heard? Nick Jonas is all grown up.
We’re telling you this as a favor to Nick, because the dude has basically devoted the last three years of his life to letting the world know that his Disney boy band days are behind him. 8 more words

Danica Dillon to Josh Duggar: I've Got PHOTOS From Our Sex Romp!

Yesterday, Josh Duggar claimed he has proof absolving him of wrongdoing in the $ 500,000 lawsuit brought against him by a porn star.
But Danica Dillon is firing right back, claiming she’s got photos to prove her claims – that they met for sex and that Duggar was abusive.


Wellbutrin Experience

Ive never been on meds but i cant function anymore. So i just got a prescription for wellbutrin. Anyone had experience with it? Good or bad? 26 more words