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What's New in iVolunteer? - August 2017

To make the most out of your volunteer adventures, it helps to stay in the loop about what’s going on in iVolunteer. Read on to find out what’s new! 14 more words


Finalist Speak: The power to make a significant difference in someone's life

Volunteering for me began as a penchant for exploring the world around me. I became aware of the inequalities surrounding me and craved to create a positive change. 343 more words


A Guide to Your Volunteering Journey Based on Your Ruling Planet

It’s Space Exploration Day! And to celebrate the advancements brought about by Space Exploration, we’re paying tribute to the members of our solar system–the Sun, the Moon, and the planets–not only as subjects of the scientific community but also as guides to our daily lives. 1,286 more words


Experience Is The Best Teacher

Volunteering gave her life an additional purpose. For Au, teaching kids is and has always been a very heartwarming experience. 352 more words


10 Simple Ways to Show Love for Mother Earth

If only being a hero is easy, you’d likely be one now right? Well, it can be hard if you’re idea of being a hero involves having the charm and riches of Tony Stark, the physique of Captain America, or the skills of Black Widow. 374 more words


I Volunteer At A Cemetery

The immediate response when I tell people where I volunteer is usually, “So you like, look at dead bodies and stuff?” and the answer is: 1,098 more words


I Volunteer Performer Spotlight: Genevieve Saenz

Genevieve Saenz

Genevieve Saenz loves trashy tv, gardening, travel, and ghost stories. She has been some part if the Testify team since the start. Genevieve is in private practice as a teaching artist, celebrant, and psychotherapist. 47 more words