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Military Parade, Trump's Ignorance is Monumentally Disturbing - Perspective

I was born into a military family that dates back to Pearl Harbor and beyond. My great uncle Gus was trekking to his plane the morning of December 7, 1941 when the bomb’s began to drop. 474 more words

Gallant Gold

Bringing history to life

Driving over the Harbor Bridge on Hwy 181, the “Blue Ghost” is a constant reminder of the Pacific Theater events of World War II. On Thursday, February 8, the USS Lexington Museum will welcome aboard Don Graves, a US Marine Corps veteran who was one of the thousands of Marines to land on Iwo Jima in 1945. 230 more words


For Prof Tab—

     A BOOK 

make of it what we will. (Use a library and/or the web … it may save the cost of an infuriating wee tome.) 278 more words


This is Not a Drill

Yesterday we were forever touched by the infamous, irrevocable frames of history. We walked step by step on hallowed ground in Pearl Harbor. We paid our respects at the memorial that lies above the sunken USS Arizona. 377 more words

WWII Photos on Book Covers

Being snowbound, I have the perfect opportunity to work on my next book of World War II stories. I’m lucky to already have a great book cover designer. 172 more words


February 1945 (1) - Manila

The 6th and 8th Armies on Luzon were repeatedly in close and brutal combat with the Japanese.  By dawn on 4 February the paratroopers ran into increasingly heavy and harassing fire from Japanese riflemen and machine gunners. 671 more words


Big Question: Can War Be Glorious?

On their face some Big Questions seem simplistic. They don’t involve big words or big concepts– that is, until you really start thinking.  High school teacher Justin Riskus constructed one of these Big Questions and used it during an exploration of the tragedy and triumph of war in his US history course. 399 more words