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Sinclair's Dream

Once there was a generation of people who thought that the revolution was right around the corner.

Eugene V. Debs was running for president on the Socialist party ticket.

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A letter to the "Brotherhood"

A letter to the “Brotherhood” and to a dear friend , brother Ed Michael, A retired Union Pacific Locomotive Engineer… and a founding member of Railroad Workers United. 1,433 more words


Sunday at Cass: May 24, 2015

Sunday at Cass
May 24, 2015

What exactly is “Sundays in the Park with Our Friends and Forgotten Workers?”  How did it come about?

Sundays in the Park with Our Friends and Forgotten Workers began in the summer of 2011.  158 more words



And here’s the film: VIOME is a building materials factory in Thessaloniki, Greece, which was abandoned by its owners at the peak of the Greek crisis, in 2011. 79 more words


Join the international week of solidarity with self-managed VIOME against the auction of the premises

As a result of the legal battle waged against the workers of the occupied self-managed VIOME factory in Thessaloniki, Greece, the state-appointed trustee is now organising a series of auctions with the aim of liquidating the plot of land on which the VIOME factory is located. 14 more words


Hope and solidarity in dark times

At the risk of stating the blindingly obvious, when looking at “the big picture” – Politics with a capital P, the stuff of states, parties, major news headlines – there’s not much to be cheerful about at the moment, even less so than usual. 256 more words

Stuff That I Think Is Pretty Awesome

November 1915

The news roundup is late this month, because November is always a somewhat hectic month for me. Still, I think it’s nice to take a look at the items from the headlines of 100 years ago as we proceed through the year cinematically. 421 more words